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My not-so-secret training methods that have me looking and feeling my absolute best!

January 23, 2019

I have now spent 15 years as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor!! Thats means LOADS of clients - loads of individual stories and obstacles, loads of physical limitations, loads of habits and addictions, loads of body shapes, ages and abilities... basically just a lot of experience with so many DIFFERENT PEOPLE!! My career has been based on problem solving, finding ways to help the individual.. and in doing this I have actually seen a lot of commonalities. I have learnt principles that work on almost every one of my clients - including MYSELF.


I am a mummy to a two year, I'm self employed and often work long hours.... I am also a cleaner, a chef, a driver, a laundry service, a finder of all things lost ;p and a grocery/everything shopper... I have a normal BUSY life just like most of my clients!!


So how do I maintain a healthy/fit lifestyle?!! Short and sharp workouts that I can fit in to my week that are FUN, manageable, EFFECTIVE and keep me coming back for more!!! ....man I miss it when I don't do it - and that is a place I can help you get to - no matter what your goals are!! 

✔️My ONLINE TRAINING is literally my workouts... you can JOIN ME and see how I train, how I worked up to where I am (modifications) and why I LOVE WHAT I DO!!!!


✔️My training works because it is REALISTIC and manageable and it uses our time and our BODY EFFECTIVELY. We can sustain these habits - short workouts you can do anytime and anywhere, and because we are using EFFECTIVE good form we prevent injuries that take us right back to square one. I know that life is busy, I don't have time to do hours of training in a gym or have an overly strict diet, and I don't expect you to either!


✔️We combine body weight exercises with pilates/stretch sessions to create a BALANCED, HEALTHY lifestyle - workouts we LOOK FORWARD to because they don't take up much time and they are a clever mix of 'burn' and 'breathlessness' that is manageable so we don't dread it ;p - and it feels AWESOME when we are done!!



We start Mondays, but you can join in at anytime - each week has 3 workouts you can do ANYWHERE and ANYTIME within the week.


Only $12 pay weekly, less than the cost of one group fitness class.

You can find all the details for ONLINE TRAINING here!







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