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Why I DON'T RECOMMEND wearing a waist trainer, especially postpartum.

We've all seen these advertised - a 'quick fix' to shrink your waist...

I am often asked what I think of these, whether there is any truth to these claims and if they work for postpartum healing.

Short term, these are just super uncomfortable, and long term if over used or cinched too tightly - they can potentially damage your vital organs, impede your breath connection and increase pressure in to your pelvic floor. Your body relies on deep breathing to FUNCTION effectively (including your lymphatic system which removes toxins from your body).

I can't stress enough how damaging these could be postpartum - along with the increased pressure in to your pelvic floor, it can also interfere with your abs healing correctly.

My opinion is that these 'waist trainers' DO NOT even work! Any result is likely temproary from dehydrating the body. You will notice endorsements of these prodcuts tend to say 'in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise program...' so skip the potential damage and go straight to the HEALTHY balanced lifestyle.

For SAFE CORE TRAINING - learn how to engage your deep core muscles to help you FEEL STRONG and more 'zipped up': Online CORE RECOVERY 6 week program


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