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An INTENSE workout condensed down to just 7 minutes! 


Challenging exercises done one after the other with only very short breaks in between, or no breaks at all - targeting several muscle groups, including your core, arms, legs, glutes, and back.



These sessions have been designed for YOU to customise. One 7 min workout is a complete workout, however if you have time you can repeat the session for a total of 2 or 3 rounds (like a repeating circuit), or you could pick another one or two 7 min workouts to create a longer and more varied workout.

The workouts are all on the app! There are over 30 workouts available already, with many more to come! 

There are FULL BODY workouts, then also workouts specifically for muscle groups like abs, glutes, upper body, lower body... 

Some are BODYWEIGHT only, some use WEIGHTS!

There are multiple WARM UP's and STRETCHING sessions to choose from so you never get bored!


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The benefits of doing one SHORT session is you can go INTENSE!!!

It is SHORT so you CAN get it in to your day (consistent workouts are better than one long one here and there!!).

Remember the after burn of an intense short session is greater than after a long steady state session!!

Colorful Baubles

We can feel so busy and overwhelmed during the holiday season and often the first thing to give is our self care! 

Our 7 Min Workouts are perfect for over the holiday period!! 


Get a 1 WEEK FREE Trial on our app!

If you continue on, the program is $30AUD per month, on a monthly subscription (stop anytime). 

You get access to ALL of the 7min workouts, and all of the warm ups and stretching sessions - with more workouts being added all the time! (Currently there are over 30 workout videos available!)

*Please note your 1 week free trial starts as soon as you join up!

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Screen Shot 2022-03-09 at 10.33.30 AM.png


Is the course only in Australian Dollars?

Yes, the app platform does not have NZD available. The Australian price of $30 per month reflects the currency conversion to NZ dollars and any small conversion fees, at the time of launching $30 AUD is $32.19 NZD - so including any conversion fee the program is still under $35 NZD a month!!! 

There is so much VALUE in this program! I have put hours and hours of work in to these workouts, using all of my 20 years experience coaching group fitness, one on one and online! 

You can try it out for free, for one week! 

Will there be more workouts added?

Yes, I am adding more workout videos to the program all the time! These are automatically updated on the app.

You will find warm up options, cool downs, stretching sessions, full body workouts and more specific workouts like upper body, abs and glutes! From the time of launching, there is at least 30 workout videos available for you on this program.

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