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Miriam Behan. January 2023 (Online Pregnancy Fitness)

Lisa's online pregnancy work outs are truly encouraging. She always manages to find an excellent balance of motivating you to work harder and try new moves, whilst providing modifications for each exercise to accommodate your abilities. I have also trained with Lisa in person, and I can truly say that she is extremely patient, non-judegmental, unassuming, and can make anyone feel validated, comfortable, and able to move in dynamic and effective ways. She is extremely well resourced and knowledgeable about her work, and I cannot thank her enough for the many things she has taught me! I feel so much more confident to work out and engage my muscles correctly. As someone who is nearly 40 weeks pregnant, I never thought that I'd still be able to work out in a safe and satisfying way this far along in pregnancy, and I have Lisa to thank for that!

Beck Kirkland. November 2022 (Online Core recovery program)

After not exercising for so long I was really lacking the motivation to get going again after my third baby. 

After the first session though it was short,

I felt really good and I could feel muscles that hadn’t been engaged in a while. I also felt good mentally, I was happy that I had taken that first step to gaining my fitness back. 

The program was great at keeping me accountable to complete the weekly workouts and pushed me to make the time to do something for myself which is sometimes hard as mothers. 

They were short and simple and had great options for different levels of fitness. Lisa explained the different exercises well and what muscle groups they were working on. The breathing and visualization techniques while completing the exercises were also very helpful. 

The pelvic floor program was great and before I knew it I was back in a good routine and I even had the confidence to start running again.


Matt Parker. September 2022 (Online Beginner Workouts)

I have known Lisa from Pilates classes in the past, so I signed up for her online 'beginner hardcore fit' program. I'm not the greatest with listening to instruction and I don’t like being in groups for fitness so I liked the choice of an online course. The thing I liked most about the beginner course was it is only five mins a session and four sessions for the week so easy to fit in to your day. Lisa’s instructions are clear and super positive and telling you where you are going right and possibly going wrong. Love the view and will be buying the next online program.

Jenny Chu. April 2022 (Online Pregnancy Fitness)

This program greatly alleviated my concern about the ‘right’ level of exercise to maintain my fitness during pregnancy. Thanks Lisa for the adaptable and easy to follow instructions via achievable online modules that I can join anytime and from anywhere I like!


Charlotte Verity. August 2021 (Online Training)

I did one of your pilates workouts last night (I love the bootcamp ones so much that I neglect the stretch/rest/recover options at times!) and absolutely LOVED it! Best night sleep and body way more relaxed today as a result. Thanks so much for all you do!


Melissa Selwyn. November 2020 (Online Training)

I just wanted to write to let you know that your videos have changed my life and eased me back into Fitness. I’m a working single mum to a beautiful little girl and had forgotten to look after myself in the rush of life. Your workouts are quick so very easy to fit into my busy day. I take my iPad when I’m away and complete them easily in my hotel room. You brighten up my day with your bubbly personality and I love the fact that you feel the burn just as much as I do. I highly recommend you to all of my family and friends. I feel so much more confident and positive. Thank you so so very much. 

Michael Chadwick. September 2020 (Bootcamp/HIIT)

Lisa's Hiit classes are the best Hiit classes I have been to, she always has such great energy to motivate the class to push through to get that little bit extra from everyone whilst also keeping it fun and a great vibe. There is always a high and low intensity option so caters to not only different fitness levels but how your feeling on the day too. I always look forward to her classes each week and could not recommend her enough, thanks for everything Lisa.

Josephine Laing. May 2020 (Online Core Recovery 6 week program, Online Training, Online Pregnancy Fitness)

I have had Lisa as a trainer for almost 3 years now and this has been through pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, postpartum and hopefully another pregnancy. I can’t stress enough how her workout style and her teachings around connecting with your muscles when you are working out really makes a difference! It not only shows results for things like abdominal separation or pelvic floor function postpartum but she has also helped me to build a strong core and muscle base which keeps me feeling strong! I love the flexibility of online training as well as I find it hard with a 2 year old to get time away from the house. If you need someone to help you in any area from postpartum to just becoming strong then Lisa is your lady! She has a wealth of knowledge and can tailor any workout to suit you.

Lisa Rhee. March 2020 (Pre and Postnatal)

I love attending Lisa's classes because they are safe, effective and perfectly tailored for mums. Her exercises have helped me enormously in regaining a sense of physical well being and strength after giving birth to my first child. Lisa is very skilled in what she does and takes genuine interest in your progress, to ensure you get the maximum benefit out of every class. I highly recommend her to any mums or mums-to-be! 

Nadine Kats. March 2020 (Online Core Recovery 6 week program)

It may sound ridiculous, but I've seen the light! I've had twins just 18 months after my first child was born, which resulted in a hand-width ab separation. For the last 4.5 years I've been to the gym on and off, trying to fix my abs and to get on top of constant lower-back pain. All to no avail. Turns out, all it took was someone who knows what they're doing (AKA Lisa) to show me how to exercise safely. I can hardly believe it myself, but after having followed Lisa's Core Recovery for just 5 weeks, the remaining gap in my abs which I have been trying to fix for literally years, is now down to less than 1 finger!!!
I can't thank Lisa enough and recommend her programme to every woman who's had a baby. I feel Lisa has given me so much more than 6 weeks' online workouts. More importantly, Lisa has given me the confidence and know-how to make ANY gym class my own. No more 'I'll sit this one out' or 'I can't do this one properly because it hurts' for me! I now know what to look out for and can adapt any exercise any instructor throws at the class to be suited to my very own ability, knowing that I am improving my strength rather than doing by back in yet again! Lisa, you're a star!!

Nicky Busch. January 2020 (Online Training)

I've been exercising with Lisa for years, going to her bootcamps, PT sessions and then her postpartum classes. When I heard about her online classes I was excited to try them. I love that they're short and sharp so I can fit them in while my son sleeps, but still feel like I'm getting a good workout. I also love they can be modified to suit, and the variety means I never get bored. I highly recommend them.

Joanna Bensemann. November 2019 (Online Training)

I love Lisa's bootcamps and pilates sessions she runs online! I travel for work and the online systems allows me to get in a great workout that burns no matter where I am (home, hotel, outside, gym... You name it!) What I like in particular is that there are modifications for all, the accessibility is fantastic, it has a community feel dispite being online, and lastly Lisa comes up with so many varying workouts you never get bored nor do they become easier as you gain strength.

Gemma Clark. July 2019 (Online Core Recovery 6 week program)

I have recently undertaken Lisa's 6 week core recovery programme 2 months post partum. This programme was well planned and appropriately paced so that I could complete the sessions in my own time and feel as though I had had a decent workout without the fear of hurting myself. Her pelvic floor and core reconnection exercises have been a game changer. My core muscles started to feel stronger after the first few sessions and my pelvic floor control has improved significantly. I definitely would recommend this programme to anyone who is post partum and is hesitant to exercise again. This is the best way to start and find yourself again!   

Rebecca Hodgson. July 2019 (Pre and Postnatal, Online Training)

For anyone looking for some real help in getting their body back into shape I couldn’t recommend Lisa Hansen (Hardcore Fittnes) highly enough!

Following the birth of my first baby, I had a quite severe diastasis recti (abdominal separation) which was 5cm & my core was completely ruined with no strength or form.

I had been previously seen by a womens’ health specialist immediately after birth (as I had some pelvic issues during pregnancy so was already a patient) & although I was following a recovery plan (including wearing core supports), I didn’t feel like I was getting anywhere. 

Almost 14 months after giving birth I felt at my lowest, with no core strength to be able to carry my incredibly healthy (& heavy!) toddler, especially when he leaned away from me unexpectedly to grab something.

It was also the 2nd summer since birth, & I was no longer breastfeeding so I really wanted to look & feel like ‘me’ again.

Luckily, I found Lisa!! 

I went along to her mums & bubs classes originally taking my son along (as we didn’t have anyone else to look after him) & it was great! Not only were there other babies/toddlers there so my boy was kept reasonably entertained while I focussed as much as possible on the exercises, but also to meet other mums ‘struggling’ with various ailments just like I was.

The mums & bubs group was both supportive & achieved noticeable results. Lisa assessed my body (in particular the diastasis) & gave me recommendations to help knit my core back together & what to be careful of when I was just moving around normally. 

Despite all the mums with differing needs being at the classes, Lisa always checked in with us individually & re-affirmed what we needed to do for our particular situation.

Then the new online workout/bootcamp sessions started & I signed up straight away.

These sessions have been fundamental in my recovery, all from the convenience of my home. In under 10 weeks I could feel strength back that I had been missing for over 2 years. Rather than having constant fatigue in my core, I was able to feel ‘normal’ again. I even fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes - round my waist anyway! Sadly my ribcage expanded too & there’s nothing we can do about that! 

Lisa was with me & supporting / encouraging me every step of the way. After each online session, you are encouraged to feed back / participate in some way to the group which feel like your team mates. Lisa takes the time to respond to any comments / questions I had & is always there to answer any private messages or talk about very specific individual issues you may not want to post in the group.

Lisa has totally given me a repaired body & one that will be much stronger even than I had before.

Her instructions are easy to follow, & I am not the most co-ordinated person! The fact the online sessions can be done anytime mean its easy to stay on track & not miss any.

Lisa understands what ‘us women’ go through & is knowledgeable in how to repair our bodies. She even gives lifestyle tips (nutrition, rest etc) & provides huge motivation.

But she’s also a brilliant PT & most of the guys I know would benefit from Lisa’s bootcamps too!

Lisa always takes time to provide ongoing assessment of my body – I am proud to say my diastasis is no longer classed as such & I feel great! She would see me just to check on how the separation was & watch me perform some of the exercises to make sure I was doing them correctly.  

I have told all my friends to join as its better than going to the gym (no excuses not to do it when its at home anytime you like!) & any pelvic floor issues would be fixed in no time!

I am truly thankful to Lisa for everything she has done for me & the support & motivation she continues to give. Without her expertise & instruction I would not be where I'm at today. I've even bought a new bikini for my upcoming Fiji holiday! 

I strongly believe Lisa should be recommended to all pregnant women, (as well as women in general), but us mums need all the help we can get & our own bodies are often ignored by the system. Maybe this is because there are so few real womens’ health professionals in Christchurch & nobody really knows what to do, but Lisa should be filling that gap.

Rebecca Macrae. July 2019 (Pre and Postnatal)

Lisa is really personable and gives clear instructions making sure everyone in the class is feeling the benefits. She suggests different variations of each exercise to ensure you do what works best for you. Have already felt the benefits after just 3 classes. Highly recommend, just wish I found this class sooner.

Siobhan O'Toole. July 2019 (Online Training)

I love how versatile and simple Lisa's workouts are, and are always set up so you can do as much or as little as you are able to each day! And they are timed well so you always want to keep going, Lisa keeps you motivated throughout like she's in the room with you. Lisa is professional and approachable just like your best friend, and makes my goals achievable and fast, I always feel proud of myself even after small workouts because you can see and feel results! I really haven't had this before, as I have chronic migraines and I have tried almost every type of training, and Lisa's is the only training so far that has improved my health without making my migraines worse. In fact they have reduced significantly over time, and I have lost weight since my diagnosis.


Karyn. January 2019 (Online Training)

So far (2 weeks in) I'm loving Lisa's online bootcamp! Being able to do it at home in my own home means I'm actually doing it! And more often than when I was going to classes as I can work it around my daughter and her busy schedule haha. She gives options for everything so you can start easy and work your way up to the more challenging ones which is really motivating and so is getting a pop up on my phone whenever she posts in the group as it reminds me I need to workout! I definitely recommend checking it out! 


Tim Argue. January 2019 (Online Training)

Highly recommend the online training from HardCORE Fitness. Lisa has designed a quality end to end program suitable for people at any fitness level which can be done from the comfort of home anywhere in the world through detailed instructions videos. I am based in Brisbane, Australia, the distance did not once impact the one on one support offered by Lisa through the online training. Detailed, interactive and supportive.

Lisa Sutton. January 2019 (Online Training)

Love the outdoor option and the online option. Great instruction and awesome workouts that have all abilities in mind.

Jayne Francis. December 2018 (Pre and Postnatal)

I've only been a handful of times so far and I am loving it! Lisa is awesome, so supportive and really knows her stuff! 

Julia Povey. September 2018 (Pre and Postnatal)

I've been attending Lisa's pre and postnatal classes on and off for a year now and she is amazing! Lisa is supportive of all different abilities and caters each class accordingly. She really knows her stuff when it comes to postpartum exercise and everything pelvic floor related. Before Lisa's classes I thought I knew what I was doing when it came to exercise and engaging my pelvic floor but looking back I now see I was wrong! Each class starts with a focus on breathing, engaging the pelvic floor and lower abdominals - it's this repetition at each class that has made me stronger, more in control of my pelvic floor and helped close my diastasis recti! I can now exercise more and push myself harder knowing I'm breathing and engaging correctly - I can even run and jump which for a while there after having my second child I never thought I'd do again. Lisa is passionate about what she does and shows a genuine interest in each individuals progress. With classes all around Christchurch at an affordable rate Lisa's classes are at the top of my recommendation list.

Rachel Parkin. September 2018 (Pre and Postnatal)

I signed up for Lisa's Pilates class (for mums) after having my second child and have really enjoyed it, mentally and physically. I notice improvement each week and love Lisa's passion for ensuring each person in the class is pushing herself right up to her own personal limit without overdoing it. I love feeling that post work-out burn the next day and the ongoing improvement in my pelvic floor and core! Childbirth can wreck you! ;) Love your work Lisa! 

Ben Beedles. August 2018 (Bootcamp)

The time and skill given to correct technique to help remove lower back pain and other aches, but also to suit my body type and skill level. Bootcamp has removed everyday pain and has freed me up more to play with my kids and work harder in my weight trainings.

Phillip Glamuzina. June 2018 (Bootcamp and Pilates)

As a former professional rugby player who has trained with top trainers internationally I was sceptical about what Lisa could offer to challenge me, but I have been blown away by her ability to keep pushing me further. I've done numerous mountain bike and adventure races and this is the first time I have actually felt my glutes working - thanks to her classes. I didn't realise the impact the glute activation exercises we were constantly doing would have on my sports performance and can now see the benefits of her theories and methods. I would highly recommend Lisa, not just for her high intensity training, but also the mobility work and pilates classes she runs as well. 

Justine Mornin. April 2018 (Bootcamp and Pilates)

Just wanting to thank you for the awesome Bootcamp and pilates sessions you run for us. After the eight weeks I definitely feel stronger, fitter and lighter.

The glute activation exercises have definitely worked. I have been running for years and this is the first time I actually feel my glutes working whilst running!!!! We have all thoroughly enjoyed your sessions - they were fun, energising, informative and challenging!!

Josephine Laing. Jan 2018 (Personal Training)

My husband and I workout as a couple and love how Lisa has been able to tailor our workouts to challenge both of us. She not only is great at motivating and pushing you but gets you to think about the muscles and muscle groups that you are using to get that mind-muscle connection for faster results. She also is big on getting your technique and body positioning correct to ensure you get the maximum benefits out of what you are doing which really makes a difference with getting those results. We both totally recommend her to anyone, we both found her a cut above other PT's out there.

Anna Morris. Jan 2018 (Personal Training and Bootcamp)

A self-conscious person, I never thought I would do anything like personal training or bootcamp. I have been pleasantly surprised to find that bootcamp classes are structured in a way where each person works to their individual goals, at their own fitness level. This makes classes a very comfortable environment to work out in. I find this training very supportive and really value the nutritional advice also on offer. Overall, HardCORE Fitness is making a huge, positive difference in my life.

Ali Pincott. Jan 2018 (Personal Training)

I spent a bit of time researching personal trainers before engaging in one and what I wanted and what I got were two completely different people. Lisa by far EXCEEDED all my expectations. Right from the get go her friendly nature made me feel at ease and she certainly didn't judge me on anything. Lisa is one of the most encouraging, energetic and dedicated fitness professionals I have come across and it's obvious she is passionate about what she does. Don't be fooled by her looks, her training is not as sweet as her appearance, they are designed to get you the results you desire but are also fun and make you want to come back for more. If you're looking to get great results and with someone easy to get on with, workouts that are fun yet challenging, and someone that only has your goals and best interests at heart, then look no further than Lisa Hansen, HardCORE Fitness.

Monique Robertson. March 2016 (Pilates)

I took up Pilates on the advice of my doctor.  Meeting Lisa has been great.  She is very knowledgeable and motivating due to her enthusiasm and commitment.  I was wondering what Pilates could do for me but over time my flexibility has increased and my core strength improved.  Lisa is always including different and more challenging moves but there is always a beginner level so Lisa's class is suitable to anyone of any age or fitness level.  It is one of my favourite hours of the week where you can leave the stress of the world behind and concentrate on yourself.  Highly recommended.

Ryan Valenzuela. Feb 2016 (Personal Training)

First of all, congratulations!! So proud of you and now you're REPs qualified!! All the hard work paid off. One of the best female trainers to ever train me and really put me through my paces!! And I will guarantee you, that she will make you "SWEAT" like never before!! Lisa is very knowledgeable in the field of fitness, as she taught and corrected a few of my movements and techniques.. Not only does she motivate you, she is a vibrant, passionate and positive individual, a quality that you should look for in any great trainer!! I highly recommend anyone and everyone of any fitness level to come along to her group fitness sessions. Even give her a try for a one on one personal individualised program, both are very challenging and a great way to meet new people with similar goals!! Trust me, you won't regret it. Keep up the good work Lisa!! Much love and congrats!!

Fiona Read. Jan 2016 (Bootcamp)

Colin and I have been going to Lisa's bootcamp since they started. We really love it and get a full body workout in a fun environment, each week there is new and exciting ways to work out. There is a great group who attend every week and are really friendly.

Gemma Clark. Jan 2016 (Bootcamp, Core and Personal Training)

I have never been one to enthused on exercise but one day I decided to attend one of Lisa's Bootcamp classes about a year ago and I haven't looked back! Her classes are so fun you barely realise you are working out and it does not take long to see and feel results! Her personal training abilities are second to none. She tests you both mentally and physically to get the results you want and with her enthusiastic and caring nature, you know that your fitness journey is her journey too. I could not recommend Lisa highly enough.

Nicky Jeffries. Jan 2016 (Bootcamp and Core)

I first met Lisa when she was taking bootcamp classes somewhere else. I loved Lisa's classes so much I tracked her down when she started her own, and now try and attend her weekly Wednesday CORE class and Sunday BOOTCAMP class. No two classes are the same - I love the feeling of challenging myself, seeing my fitness improve and having fun along the way. Lisa's enthusiasm and genuine passion makes us push through the pain and achieve great results.

Fiona Read. Jan 2016 (Personal Training)

Lisa has helped me to push myself and try new exercises in my Personal Training sessions. She is always supportive and very encouraging. I always feel like I can do the new exercises with her encouragement and her excitement when I achieve my new goal. While training with Lisa she has prepared me to move on to a crossfit class which I never thought I would feel confident enough to attend.

Jeanette Baker. Sept 2015 (Bootcamp)

Lisa makes a serious exercise workout fun and encourages me to continue attending each week! I always leave feeling proud of myself for doing something good for me!

Ryan Valenzuela. Dec 2014 (Personal Training)

Nothing more challenging than working out with a 'fitness guru' like Lisa! She trains hard and it shows, not only is she easy on the eyes, but will put you to shame and make you sweat like never before. Fantastic in her field and highly recommended to all, check out her sessions and you'll never look back or regret it "she's definitely hardcore".

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