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...the best HIIT classes I have been to, she always has such great energy to motivate the class to push through to get that little bit extra from everyone whilst also keeping it fun and a great vibe. There is always a high and low intensity option so caters to not only different fitness levels but how your feeling on the day too. I always look forward to her classes each week and could not recommend her enough..."

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Christchurch BOOTCAMP group fitness sessions

  • Suitable for ALL ages and fitness levels, there is always an option to challenge you and keep you progressing.

  • LOW IMPACT OPTIONS are always available, you do not have to run or jump in these classes if that is not where you are at on the day.

  • Our thorough pre screen assessment will help you identify any issues, like lack of sleep, a weak core, or pelvic floor dysfunction, that may benefit from a gentler approach. Completely confidential and with utmost discretion, she will train you to get the maximum benefits of your time - SAFELY.

  • A mix of body weight exercises, weights, equipment and games. 

  • No two classes are the same, always fun but challenging.

At HardCORE Fitness we are all about creating STRONG, FUNCTIONING CORES including glute strength. Lisa is infamous for her ability to achieve muscle activation - making sure you are recruiting the right muscles and feeling them! Glute activation is something a lot of people struggle with and find a huge difference after attending this class.

Lisa will take you through a total body workout guaranteed to 'burn' in all the right places. Improve your sports performance, get fitter and stronger and challenge your body and mind to the max - all in the space of 45mins, in a friendly group setting. 

Booking is essential - these are small group, 6 people max, sessions. 

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MONDAY NIGHTS - 6pm-6.45pm 

Indoors at our studio, 173 Chester St

(the Fitzgerald St end) - we are number 5.

Session cost, per class - $15

Secure payment can be made by via BOOKING IN here.

BOOKING IN IS ESSENTIAL - we have a max 6 people at class.


Please EMAIL here to register your interest!



2x 25-30min Bootcamp workouts and 

1x 5-15min pilates/stretch session per week.

Additional motivation and weekly CHALLENGES.

$12 Pay weekly 

$120 Pay 12 Weeks

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Corporate packages are available

CORPORATE BOOTCAMP - 8 Week Challenge!

Corporate Pilates/Yoga and Stretch classes also available. 

Small Strokes


"... After the eight weeks I definitely feel stronger, fitter and lighter. The glute activation exercises have definitely worked. I have been running for years and this is the first time I actually feel my glutes working whilst running!!!!...."

"... I love the feeling of challenging myself, seeing my fitness improve and having fun along the way. Lisa's enthusiasm and genuine passion makes us push through the pain and achieve great results...."

"... I have been pleasantly surprised to find that bootcamp classes are structured in a way where each person works to their individual goals, at their own fitness level. This makes classes a very comfortable environment to work out in. I find this training very supportive and really value the nutritional advice also on offer. Overall, HardCORE Fitness is making a huge, positive difference in my life...."

We aren't a 'one size fits all' service - every team member has their own unique goals....

See some of our team's Results:

Vicki has absolutely smashed her goals in the last few months!


In just 8 weeks she has lost an impressive:

  • 7.4cm off her waist

  • 2.6cm off her thigh

  • 2.2cm off her upper arm

And she has lost a total of 5kg so far!

Her fitness testing results show her fantastic effort and dedication..

  • Her knee plank hold has increased from 1min15sec to a SOLID 5min 35sec hold!

  • Her knee press ups have jumped from 36 in 1min to 65!

Awesome work Vicki!


Well done to our team member Matt - SUPER progress!

  • His solid 2min25sec squat hold has increased to a massive 5mins (with seriously impressive form maintained!!)

  • His plank hold has doubled, now at 4mins!

  • He has jumped up to 53 full push ups in 1min (from 35).

Consistent hard work - congrats Matt, technique is looking so strong!!

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