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Hi MUMS, I'm a mum of a little boy, Valentino. Having gone through my own experience of pregnancy and postpartum training I am very passionate about making SAFE and EFFECTIVE training accessible to all mums!

I'm a CERTIFIED Pre and Postnatal Coach, I have over 15 years experience coaching women of all ages and abilities as a Qualified Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, and I'm a Registered 'Pelvic Floor Safe Fitness Professional' (Incontinence NZ).

I specialise in CORE STRENGTH and FUNCTION (including pelvic floor, glutes and lower abs) and am dedicated to making CORE RECOVERY a normal and expected part of becoming a mum - something that is often overlooked currently.  

I would love to help you on your journey. 



Group Fitness Classes


A mix of modified pilates and gentle stretching. Modifications for every stage of your pregnancy - not simply based on 'weeks', but individualised so we manage any symptoms to ensure safe and effective training. 

  • We concentrate on pelvic floor connection and FUNCTION.

  • Diaphragm - learning how to breathe correctly. A better breath connection makes using breath during labour much more accessible.

  • Transversus abdominus connection - the deep core muscles that hold us all together and are responsible for preventing, or healing, diastasis recti (exaggerated ab separation).

  • We strengthen the stabilising muscles, including glutes, to protect lower back, hips and pelvis as baby grows. 

Every pregnancy journey is unique, and whilst some factors are out of our control such as the size of the baby or the position in utero, strengthening our body (safely, with no added pressure on an already stretched body!) is so important to help prevent or at least minimise common issues and to assist a quicker recovery after birth. 


All Levels Postpartum - Mums and Bubs

Safe exercise to promote a quicker recovery after pregnancy and child birth.

  • We focus on pelvic floor connection and recruitment of the deep core muscles, which are crucial to strengthen before getting back in to your previous training or stepping up your intensity. 

  • Safe exercises for correcting abdominal separation - An untreated diastasis recti (ab separation) does put you at risk of ongoing pelvic floor issues and lower back pain.

  • Glute activation exercises - teaching you how to use your butt muscles effectively.

  • Pelvic stability and knee strengthening work.

All exercises are individualised so that we manage any symptoms - ensuring we do not cause or exacerbate any common postpartum issues (such as ab separation, pelvic floor dysfunction, back or hip pain).


When your diastasis has healed and a strong pelvic floor connection is able to be maintained we move into more advanced exercises. Not just for new mums, postpartum issues can remain for years if not addressed.


Child/baby friendly classes and a great way to meet other mums. Take some much needed timeout for YOU.


HALSWELL  PRE and POSTNATAL FITNESS CLASS: Tuesday 10.45am-11.30am

Indoors in Halswell at the the Halswell Community Hall, 450 Halswell Rd).

RANGIORA  PRE and POSTNATAL FITNESS CLASS: Wednesday 10.45am-11.30am

Indoors in Rangiora at the Church Community Hall, 355 High St

PAPANUI  PRE and POSTNATAL FITNESS CLASS: Thursday 10.45am-11.30am

Indoors in Papanui at the Village Community Hall, 460 Papanui Road.

LINCOLN  PRE and POSTNATAL FITNESS CLASS: Thursday 9.15am-10.00am

Indoors in Lincoln, 126 East Belt.


Evening PREGNANCY FITNESS classes 

Please CONTACT US to register your expression of interest - Monday 5.30pm Halswell.

Pregnancy Fitness Personal Training Sessions are currently available.

Pre and Postnatal Class Pricing


Casual Class - $15

10 SESSION BLOCK - $99 (10 sessions, with 14 weeks to use them*)

*​Allowing for sickness etc to keep this an awesome deal.

*Public Holidays (and school holidays unless you attend) are not included in block weeks.

Payment can be made at class or via online banking, payment details sent after booking in.

10 Session BLOCK:


Get access to our PRIVATE HardCORE Fitness MUMS Facebook group while you are signed up for an 10 session block.


To be accepted in to the group you MUST fill in the questions, including stating you have joined the 10 week block and what location you first attended.

HardCORE Fitness Pre and Postnatal Classes
Our Pre and Postnatal Classes

Some clips and photos of our HardCORE Fitness Pre and Postnatal Classes.. read the full testimonials featured here!


"...Each class starts with a focus on breathing, engaging the pelvic floor and lower abdominals - it's this repetition at each class that has made me stronger, more in control of my pelvic floor and helped close my diastasis recti! I can now exercise more and push myself harder knowing I'm breathing and engaging correctly - I can even run and jump which for a while there after my second child I never through I'd do again. Lisa is passionate about what she does and shows a genuine interest in each individuals progress" Julia

"...I cannot recommend her enough! ... After 6 weeks of attending Lisa's classes my ab separation was down to 1 finger.... For really low impact, child friendly, supportive and assisted postpartum fitness, this class is really amazing!" Josephine

"...I notice improvement each week and love Lisa's passion for ensuring each person in the class is pushing herself right up to her own personal limit without overdoing it. I love feeling that post work-out burn the next day and the ongoing improvement in my pelvic floor and core!" Rachel

"...Check out one of Lisa's classes they are awesome! I've been going for a few months now and loving it. After 2.5yrs finally starting to feel strong again and my ab separation is finally closing!"



Safe and suitable training for all trimesters. Full body workouts, with a focus on core connection - including pelvic floor, lower abs and glutes.

ONLINE - POSTPARTUM TRAINING (Core Recovery 6 Week Program)

A comprehensive 6 week program designed to assist Mums with postpartum recovery - including healing ab separation and improving pelvic floor dysfunction symptoms.


Join our HardCORE FIT



Our online training includes a 20-25min stretch/pilates class

and 2x 25-30min body weight workouts,

plus more each week!

  • Suitable for ALL FITNES LEVELS, including POSTPARTUM

  • LOW IMPACT options for everything

  • Modifications for most physical limitations such as ab separation (diastasis recti), back/hip pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, sore wrists/knees


"That really got the heart racing! Loved the abs, push ups were a killer but a necessary evil. All done while my baby was sleeping, Thanks so much!" Online team member 

Lisa features in an article on Pre and Postnatal Fitness in The Press.

Video - 5 AB exercises to AVOID postpartum

Try a 4min Pre and Postnatal suitable workout up on the blog here!

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Looking for the perfect gift for a BABY SHOWER?!

Spoil Mum with some postpartum after-care!

Our classes (which are now all over Canterbury and ONLINE) are gentle, SAFE and effective - a really nice way to help heal the body postpartum.

Your choice of value. Mum's choice of PT, Group Fitness (in any of our locations), or Online Training. 

SPECIAL CHRISTMAS VOUCHERS available now!  The perfect way to treat mum this Christmas! 


Led by Lisa who is a new mum herself to a little boy. She is very knowledgable in pre and postnatal fitness and specialises in CORE STRENGTH and FUNCTIONALITY (including Pelvic floor, glutes and lower abs)...  an expert on exercises and pressure management techniques that help to close ab separation (and create a flat tummy if that's your goal) and very aware of those that can sometimes actually hinder our success. 

Certified 'Pre and Postnatal Coach'

Girls Gone Strong, Coaching and Training Women Academy. 

This is the most comprehensive, truly interdisciplinary, evidence-based course that stands alone at the top of the industry.

Registered 'Pelvic Floor Safe Fitness Professional'

(Incontinence NZ, 2018).


Qualified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor

REP's Registered 

Over 15yrs experience, working with all fitness abilities.



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