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Ballantynes and HOT MILK, A morning with Mothers

13th February 2019 - Christchurch, Ballantynes Department Store. 

For the second year in a row I am very excited to be a guest speaker at the 'A morning with Mothers' event run by Hot Milk Lingerie and their sister brand 'Project Me'. A morning of health and wellness inspiration, lots of laughs and mum stories, gorgeous lingerie and very yummy treats! Fantastic giveaways including pre and postnatal class vouchers and online training memberships. 

This EVENT is now FULLY BOOKED OUT! Please contact Ballantynes to be added to the cancellation list.

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26th October 2019 - Christchurch, Horncastle Arena. 

Come down and see our LIVE WORKOUT on stage at 12.15pm. This is a 30min workout suitable for ALL FITNESS LEVELS and most common physical limitations (such as back/hip pain, sore knees/wrists, pelvic floor dysfunction).

I'm also taking a PRE AND POSTNATAL TRAINING seminar/Q&A at 1pm.

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4th and 5th October 2019 - Christchurch, Horncastle Arena. 

Come down and see the awesome training we have, suitable for common physical limitations that many of us women have.

Awesome prizes up for grabs, including gorgeous gifts from Coco Gifts ( and HardCORE Fitness training memberships.

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30th June 2019, Christchurch Adventure Park. 

A FUN filled day of laugher, dress ups, mud and team work:

- 5K Team

- 10K Team

Join us for this years bootcamp challenge day, this is a social event where you don't have to run!  

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Womens Fitness and Health Workshop

12th April 2019, 7pm in Halswell at the Te Hapua Halswell Centre. 

This is your chance to get expert advice and tips on any of these topics:

- Effective womens training
- Weight loss plateaus**
- Under eating or over training - YES this is common!!
- Metabolism, hunger and fad diets (including metabolic damage)
- Nutrition tips, including sample meal plans
- Pelvic floor FUNCTION and strength
- Common postpartum and menopause issues, and training considerations. 

..and anything else relating to womens fitness!! This is an open chat about all things Fitness and Health for women. 
**Please note, I don't often engage in 'weight loss' conversations because I don't consider it significant compared to the other benefits of having a healthy lifestyle - and often find it is an unhelpful focus. However, I have been approached a lot recently on this topic and I want to offer my knowledge and advice on this in a BODY POSITIVE, healthy and safe way.

I have been coaching for 15 years as a qualified Group Fitness Instructor and PT, a CERTIFIED Pre and Postnatal Instructor (which has totally changed how I teach all clients), a registered 'Pelvic Floor Safe Fitness Professional' and a busy mummy to a two year old so I can relate!

$25 for the session, covering as much as we can possibly fit in! This is less than half the price of a PT session and the content will be invaluable. 

Babies and children are welcome to attend, this is a relaxed evening where we will have a few laughs and talk about all things women :)

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