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6 week program

A comprehensive 6 week program designed to assist Mums with postpartum recovery - including healing ab separation and improving pelvic floor dysfunction symptoms.



“I needed my body to function as a group fitness instructor - I literally rely on my body for work - so I couldn’t sit back and hope for the best - and I don’t want you to have to either”

- Lisa Hansen, Pre and Postnatal Coach

Designed by a CERTIFIED Pre and Postnatal Coach, with 15 years experience as a qualified PT and Group Fitness Instructor and a registered 'Pelvic Floor Safe Fitness Professional' (Incontinence NZ).

  • This is the perfect way to ease back in to exercise SAFELY - this is GENTLE exercise with a focus on CORE RECOVERY - including pelvic floor function, lower abs (Transversus Abdominus) and butt muscles.

  • 3x video workouts per week - I talk you through each exercise as if you were right there in class with me.

  • All workouts are 10-20 mins so that they are manageable and achievable.

  • Weekly progressions which you can add on at your own pace.

Also included:

  • Step by step video demonstration to show you how to check for ab separation (Diastasis Recti).

  • C-Section Scar Self massage information - including the benefits and HOW to guide.

  • Introduction to ONLINE TRAINING - our online workouts, that are suitable for all fitness levels, are the perfect progression when you have completed your core recovery course.

How it works...

Each week a new set of ONLINE training will be up on our private FB page - they are available to be completed anywhere and anytime within the week. 

Monday - Workout 1 (including ab separation check ins, week 1 and week 6)

Tuesday - Workout 2

Wednesday - Workout 3


Live Q&A's will pop up through the week where I will be available to chat with you and answer your questions instantly. Anytime you have a question though, just comment on a post or private message via our private Facebook page and I will message you back asap.

ONLINE Core Recovery Membership

6 week program - $60

Click on 'JOIN NOW' to receive an email with payment details and the link to our group. To join our private Facebook group screen shot of payment must be sent, then your request to join will be accepted as quickly as possible.

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Course dates 2020:

20 January - 1 March

2 March - 12 April

More course dates to be confirmed.


can be made at the bottom of this page via Paypal.

Tried and tested format - I have helped hundreds of women at our PRE AND POSTNATAL classes in Christchurch! See what our mums have been saying about HardCORE Fitness:

"...I cannot recommend her enough! ... After 6 weeks of attending Lisa's classes my ab separation was down to 1 finger.... For really low impact, child friendly, supportive and assisted postpartum fitness, this class is really amazing!" Josephine

"...I notice improvement each week and love Lisa's passion for ensuring each person in the class is pushing herself right up to her own personal limit without overdoing it. I love feeling that post work-out burn the next day and the ongoing improvement in my pelvic floor and core!" Rachel

"...Check out one of Lisa's classes they are awesome! I've been going for a few months now and loving it. After 2.5yrs finally starting to feel strong again and my ab separation is finally closing!"

"...Each class starts with a focus on breathing, engaging the pelvic floor and lower abdominals - it's this repetition at each class that has made me stronger, more in control of my pelvic floor and helped close my diastasis recti! I can now exercise more and push myself harder knowing I'm breathing and engaging correctly - I can even run and jump which for a while there after my second child I never through I'd do again. Lisa is passionate about what she does and shows a genuine interest in each individuals progress" Julia

Now you can gain all the benefits of my postpartum training experience without having to leave home or workout at a certain time to make the class!

Why do we need to focus on CORE RECOVERY?

My main purpose for running qualified mums and bubs classes is to EMPOWER WOMEN with the tools and knowledge they need to maintain their quality of life postpartum - that means being able to run after their children, jump on the trampoline with them or simply play, without fear of often embarrassing accidents. It means not experiencing life long back or hip pain, or pelvic floor pressure/pain. It means having the confidence to safely rejoin their previous activities without the risk of causing lifelong symptoms, whether it be playing netball or joining in their crossfit class. POSTPARTUM is forever, it is never too late to work on our CORE. This course is very suitable for MENOPAUSE and for any CORE WEAKNESS.


My main drive behind these classes is to CHANGE THE STATISTICS for postpartum issues (such as pelvic floor dysfunction, which is currently 1 in 3 women - not great odds!!!), and to make POSTPARTUM AFTERCARE a normal and expected part of having a baby - currently a very forgotten side of becoming a mum!

  • The 6 week check up point is NOT a realistic time frame for the majority of new mums to be ready to get back in to their old training - including sports like netball.

  • Any leaking, even if it is only a tiny bit when coughing, is considered pelvic floor dysfunction and IS NOT NORMAL. 

  • Car capsules, prams, babies and other kids are HEAVY and often awkward (i.e lifting baby out of cot or putting the capsule in the car) - it can be hard to rest as a new mum and we need to know how to move safely.

  • It is common to feel a lack of physical connection with the pelvic floor and lower abs early on. There is often confusion on HOW to recruit these core muscles - especially when they may be very weak, or not even felt. ​

  • The desire to get back in to your old training can be really strong... which can at times feel frustrating, inconvenient and isolating. BUT It is important to build up to it slowly, working on our CORE foundations so that we prevent causing or exacerbating any common postpartum issues (such as pelvic floor dysfunction, ab separation, back/hip pain. 

Read more on this HERE - Why I got in to Pre and Postnatal training








Who is this training suitable for and when can I start?

Anyone wanting to improve core strength AND function - whether you are newly postpartum and recovering, or experiencing symptoms later on in your postpartum journey. MENOPAUSE, or ANY CORE WEAKNESS.

Symptoms can include:

  • PELVIC FLOOR DYSFUNCTION. This could be as a result of their sport, it could be to do with surgery, or it could be deterioration with age. 

  • 'Mummy tummy pooch', lower abs.

  • A lack of butt muscle strength and tone - you may have noticed after pregnancy we often loose our butt muscles!

  • Back/hip pain.

You are able to start this gentle training whenever you feel ready, assuming there have been no complications.

  • It is common to start this GENTLE training from 4-6 weeks postpartum. I recommend waiting at least 6 weeks after a c-section to ensure it is healing well.

  • Of course, you can start this training well after giving birth - I have mums doing this training who have teenage children.  It is not uncommon for mums who have not addressed postpartum issues, such as ab separation, to now be experiencing symptoms (such as 'mummy tummy pooch', back/hip pain or pelvic floor issues).

Affordable, convenient, effective, suitable for all postpartum fitness levels, CORE focused and FUN....

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(Link sends email to lisa.hansen.design@gmail.com, if for any reason this link does not work you can email directly)

After you have completed our ONLINE CORE RECOVERY 6 week program you can continue on with our ONLINE TRAINING...

Our ONLINE WORKOUTS have fitness level options - including modifications (for example, to suit pelvic floor dysfunction or ab separation) AND progressions to suit advanced athletes looking for a challenge!! This means, if you wanted to, it is actually suitable for both you and your partner to do together working alongside each other, no matter where you are in your postpartum recovery. No separate video necessary, I talk you through it all just like I do in my gym group fitness classes that have up to 40 people of ALL DIFFERENT ABILITIES. Join me!!

Find all the details and how to JOIN HERE!

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  • 100%* rated the course excellent value for money.

  • 100%* would definitely recommend it to a friend.

  • 100%* found it easy to use, including the online videos.


(*of those who took part in our survey from our first course)

"I have recently undertaken Lisa's 6 week core recovery programme 2 months post partum. This programme was well planned and appropriately paced so that I could complete the sessions in my own time and feel as though I had had a decent workout without the fear of hurting myself. Her pelvic floor and core reconnection exercises have been a game changer. My core muscles started to feel stronger after the first few sessions and my pelvic floor control has improved significantly. I definitely would recommend this programme to anyone who is post partum and is hesitant to exercise again. This is the best way to start and find yourself again!"  


Gemma - July 2019

(Online Core Recovery 6 week program)

"It may sound ridiculous, but I've seen the light - I've had twins just 18 months after my first child was born, which resulted in a hand-width ab separation. For the last 4.5 years I've been to the gym on and off, trying to fix my abs and to get on top of constant lower-back pain. All to no avail. Turns out, all it took was someone who knows what they're doing (AKA Lisa) to show me how to exercise safely. I can hardly believe it myself, but after having followed Lisa's Core Recovery for just 5 weeks, the remaining gap in my abs which I have been trying to fix for literally years, is now down to less than 1 finger!!!
I can't thank Lisa enough and recommend her programme to every woman who's had a baby. I feel Lisa has given me so much more than 6 weeks' online workouts. More importantly, Lisa has given me the confidence and know-how to make ANY gym class my own. No more 'I'll sit this one out' or 'I can't do this one properly because it hurts' for me! I now know what to look out for and can adapt any exercise any instructor throws at the class to be suited to my very own ability, knowing that I am improving my strength rather than doing my back in yet again! Lisa, you're a star!!"

Nadine - March 2020

(Online Core Recovery 6 week program)


including Australia

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6 Week Program - $60 NZD

*Please CONTACT US if you have any questions about our online training, including any physical limitations you may have, BEFORE making payment as there is no refunds on Paypal purchases.

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$60 NZD - 6 week online course

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3. Request to 'join' the group. Please answer the questions, where it requests a screen shot of payment please type 'PAYPAL' instead (no screen shot of payment required). Access to the training starts on the course date (starting 8am), NZ time/day. You can still join after the course start date - the videos will be available for the full 6 week course (dates listed above). It is your responsibility to catch up on sessions, access to videos will end at the completion of the 6 week course.