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ONLINE Training

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starts 28th June 2021!!



Suitable for ALL FITNESS LEVELS - including common physical limitations, such as back/hip pain, core weakness, sore knees and pelvic floor dysfunction.

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WATCH Snippets from our ONLINE BOOTCAMP and PILATES/STRETCH sessions 

What is included in our ONLINE BOOTCAMP?

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This is where it all happens!

Watch our workouts, ask questions, share your experience and join our HardCORE Fitness Community. 

Feel supported, motivated and encouraged!

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2x Online Bootcamp Sessions!

Our bootcamp sessions are designed for all fitness levels with modifications and progressions to choose from. 

A complete workout in 25mins - designed to fit in to a busy lifestyle. You can complete these video workouts when and where suits you!

LOW IMPACT options for everything.

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A 20-25min stretch/pilates session to help with flexibility and muscle recovery. 

A mix of relaxing stretches which could focus on any part of the body and pilates work focusing on the CORE (including pelvic floor, lower abs and glutes!).

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To keep you motivated, we will have an optional Challenge each week. These will be fitness or nutrition based.

These will boost your confidence and help you prove to yourself YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!



Inspirational messages each week to help you stay on track and re-focus! 


Support from Coach Lisa!

With 15 years experience coaching, I can offer invaluable tips and tricks to help with technique and maximise your results.

How it works...

Each week a new set of ONLINE training will be up on our page - they are available to be completed anywhere and anytime within the week. 

Monday - NEW 25-30min Bootcamp workout

Tuesday - NEW 20-25min Pilates/Stretch session

Wednesday - NEW 25-30min Bootcamp workout


Friday - CHALLENGE of the week.

Small Strokes

Affordable, convenient, challenging, suitable for all levels,

pelvic floor mindful (mums I get you!), CORE focused and FUN....

What our team members are saying about ONLINE TRAINING...

"I love Lisa's bootcamps and pilates sessions she runs online! I travel for work and the online systems allows me to get in a great workout that burns no matter where I am (home, hotel, outside, gym... You name it!) What I like in particular is that there are modifications for all, the accessibility is fantastic, it has a community feel dispite being online, and lastly Lisa comes up with so many varying workouts you never get bored nor do they become easier as you gain strength" Joanna

"Guys! You gotta try this. Lisa is an amazing instructor, awesome workouts with options for all abilities. Love the outdoor aspect! Online you can do it when it suits you. Today’s stretch Pilates absolutely going to do it again, loved the stretch! Affordable and supporting a local business and a working mum!" Lisa

"Highly recommend the online training from HardCORE Fitness. Lisa has designed a quality end to end program suitable for people at any fitness level which can be done from the comfort of home anywhere in the world through detailed instructions videos. I am based in Brisbane, Australia, the distance did not once impact the one on one support offered by Lisa through the online training. Detailed, interactive and supportive" Tim

"So far (2 weeks in) I'm loving Lisa's online bootcamp! Being able to do it at home in my own home means I'm actually doing it! And more often than when I was going to classes as I can work it around my daughter and her busy schedule haha. She gives options for everything so you can start easy and work your way up to the more challenging ones which is really motivating and so is getting a pop up on my phone whenever she posts in the group as it reminds me I need to workout! I definitely recommend checking it out!" Karyn

Become part of our awesome HardCORE Fitness team!

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1 Week for $12 NZD

12 Weeks for $120

Payment can be made via credit card or PayPal



You can start this training anytime.

1. Click on 'BUY NOW' Link and make payment.

2. Click on the Facebook private group link here

3. Request to 'join' the group. Please answer the questions, where it requests a screen shot of payment please type 'PAYPAL' instead (no screen shot of payment required).

You will be added to the group ASAP.  

*Please CONTACT US if you have any questions about our online training, including any physical limitations you may have, BEFORE making payment as there is no refunds on purchases.

You must have FACEBOOK to be able to access the workouts.

...What I like in particular is that there are modifications for all, the accessibility is fantastic, it has a community feel dispite being online, and lastly Lisa comes up with so many varying workouts you never get bored nor do they become easier as you gain strength..." 




A power packed 25-30min BOOTCAMP that includes High Intensity Training (or lower modifications to suit your fitness level, including no jumping options) combined with conditioning work that is sure to make you feel the burn!!!

Our PILATES/STRETCH sessions are the perfect addition to our ONLINE TRAINING. 

Only 20-25mins, you can add them on to the end of your BOOTCAMP workouts, or complete them on their own. 

Pilates is known for it's endless benefits. Enhance your sports performance by increasing your range of movement, improving flexibility and posture. 

Reduce stress, feel energised and relaxed - at your convenience, anytime and anywhere within the week!!

Small Strokes

Join for 1 week or 12 weeks!

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COMPLETE training

for MUMS

Pregnancy, Postpartum, Menopause

MUMS, I strongly recommend starting with our ONLINE CORE RECOVERY 6 WEEK PROGRAM. 

This is a comprehensive 6 week program specifically designed to assist Mums with postpartum recovery or core weakness during menopause - improving pelvic floor dysfunction symptoms, minimising or alleviating back/hip pain, healing ab separation.

It is a great introduction to our online training workouts - focusing on a STRONG, FUNCTIONING CORE - with SAFE and EFFECTIVE movement.

Certified Pre and Postnatal Coach and Personal Trainer


Our ONLINE WORKOUTS have fitness level options - including modifications (for example, to suit pelvic floor dysfunction or ab separation) AND progressions to suit advanced athletes looking for a challenge!! 

What some of our MUM team members are saying about our ONLINE TRAINING....

"...After being a regular group fitness attendee pre-pregnancy I’ve found it hard being so weak and fragile post-preg and not feeling I can do much about it with a young baby. But I’m hoping this could be a winner! It was so convenient doing it in my own home and at a time that suits, thanks Lisa 🙂"

"...Really like the low options to help me get back into it and the reminders on technique. I also like that the videos are straight into it and succinct, no messing around. Busy Mums don't have time for that! 😁"

"That really got the heart racing! Loved the abs, push ups were a killer but a necessary evil. All done while my baby was sleeping, Thanks so much!"

"...Love it! Really like the focus on stretching, breathing and core for these ones (pilates)..."


Get FITTER, get STRONGER and FEEL BETTER in just 8 weeks!!

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