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Corporate Bootcamp - 8 Week Challenge!

We help to create a fit, healthy and energised workplace which can increase your business productivity and profits. Our bootcamp sessions are a powerful way to boost team morale, and it's a fun way of getting to know your co-workers better - essential for team building.

Our results based workouts are the perfect way to de-stress, feel stronger and fitter, increase confidence, loose weight and tone up. No two classes are the same, always fun but challenging. A mix of body weight exercises, weights, equipment and games, they are suitable for all ages and fitness levels, working at your own level with a spirit of teamwork and group support. Pilates and Yoga classes are available on request.

We offer a personalised approach that caters to the needs of your team. Fitness testing, optional measurements and progress photos are included in the 8 week block.


Dan B - 3min10sec INCREASE in Plank Hold!

           - 1min 30sec INCREASE in Squat hold!

           - 18 extra Push Ups in 1min!

Justine - 3min 10sec INCREASE in Plank Hold!

            - 2min 25sec INCREASE in Squat Hold!

            - 14 extra Push Ups in 1min!

Vicki - 4min 20sec INCREASE in Plank Hold!

         - 1min INCREASE in Squat Hold!

         - 9 extra Push Ups in 1min!

Matt R - 3min INCREASE in Plank Hold!

            - 40sec INCREASE in Squat Hold!


Dan M - 1min 50sec INCREASE in Plank Hold!

            - 2min 10sec INCREASE in Squat Hold!

            - 6 extra Push Ups in 1min!

Sharna - 14 extra Push Ups in 1min!

             - 45sec increase in Squat Hold!

Matt F - 1min 35sec INCREASE in Squat Hold

           - 20 extra Push Ups in 1min!

Matt T - 1min 40 sec INCREASE in Plank Hold

           - 10 extra Push Ups in 1min!


Vicki - LOST 7.4cm at her waist, LOST 2.6cm at her thigh and LOST 2.2cm at her bicep.


Justine - LOST 5.4cm at her waist, LOST 2.9cm at her hips, LOST 1.2cm at her thigh and LOST 1.7cm at her bicep.


Scott K - 1min 31sec INCREASE in Squat hold!

             - 11 extra Push Ups in 1min!

Darrell H - 1min 40sec INCREASE in Plank Hold!

                - 12 extra Push Ups in 1min!

Roger - 1min 08sec INCREASE in Squat Hold!

           - 21 extra Push Ups in 1min!

Anthony H - 1min 10sec INCREASE in Plank Hold!

                  - 8 extra Push Ups in 1min

Martin R - 1min 40sec INCREASE in Squat Hold!

               - 6 extra Push Ups in 1min

Kate - 1min INCREASE in Plank Hold!

Mike H - 45sec INCREASE in Plank Hold!

Matt W - 1min 30sec INCREASE in Plank Hold!

            - 8 extra Push Ups in 1min!

Casey H - 1min 05 INCREASE in Squat Hold!

               - 7 extra Push Ups in 1min!


"...You have managed to take a large group of individuals, with a wide range of fitness levels and make them feel as though they are part of one team while also making them feel you are giving them one on one training. This is a very difficult thing to do and you manage it with ease. My team have commented on your enthusiasm, your energy, your drive but most importantly that you have supported them to do things they never thought they could do. The improvement statistics of strength, fitness, body shape and weight were staggering but more importantly the team loved the experience and have asked if we can continue..." (CEO, Corporate Client)

"Just wanting to thank you for the awesome Bootcamp and pilates sessions you run for us. After the eight weeks I definitely feel stronger, fitter and lighter. The glute activation exercises have definitely worked. I have been running for years and this is the first time I actually feel my glutes working whilst running!!!! We have all thoroughly enjoyed your sessions - they were fun, energising, informative and challenging!!" Justine (8 week challenge - Female Fitness Winner)

Our Corporate Client BOOTCAMP and PILATES classes held over the warm months, outside at a convenient location for our team.

Our Corporate Client BOOTCAMP classes held outside over Winter - rain or shine!! Always a fantastic turn out no matter the weather, FUN, challenging and a great boost for team morale. 

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