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Hi! Welcome to HardCore Fitness, I have been coaching for over 18 years - and my passion and LOVE for helping others on their fitness journey is as strong as the day I started!!


Over the years I have been very privileged to work with such incredible people - through so many highs, some sad times, and many amazing experiences.


Every person I work with becomes a part of the HardCORE Fitness team, YOUR experience is unique, your goals are unique and our training reflects that. 

I have helped hundreds of people reach their fitness goals and I would love to help you too. 


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Personal Training sessions at HardCORE Fitness are an experience to remember. Lisa has been in the industry for over 18 years and the majority of her clients have been purely word of mouth referrals.

Your sessions are totally personalised and goal specific.

Lisa has gained a reputation as being the go-to trainer in Christchurch for:

  • CORE function and strength (lower belly and pelvic floor)

  • GLUTE activation (getting your butt muscles to work!)

  • KNEE strength and rehabilitation

  • EFFECTIVE muscle engagement and form

  • MUMS - Pre and postnatal fitness - expert advice for SAFE and EFFECTIVE exercise. Breathe connection, pressure management (to minimise, prevent or help heal pelvic floor issues and diastasis recti), muscle rectruitment. 


Fitness testing (relevant to your goals) and body composition measurements can be included to provide measurable data to track progress.

Optional nutrition tips and guidelines.

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Personal Training:

30min Session - $60

45min Session - $75

Pairs/Couples Training:

2 people for 30mins - $40 each

2 people for 45mins - $50 each


HardCORE Fitness Private Studio, ChCh City Centre -

173 Chester St East

(number 5).  

Alternatively, sessions may be done at your home (conditions apply). 

Cancellation fees may apply.

24 hours notice is required to cancel your booking. 


Thanks for contacting us!

Session Preferences:

  • Please note 30min or 45min

  • Your preferred session days/times

  • Outdoor or indoor session

  • Your location 

  • Please note if you are booking a pair/couple session


"... Lisa by far EXCEEDED all my expectations. Right from the get go her friendly nature made me feel at ease and she certainly didn't judge me on anything. Lisa is one of the most encouraging, energetic and dedicated fitness professionals I have come across and it's obvious she is passionate about what she does..."

"... My husband and I workout as a couple and love how Lisa has been able to tailor our workouts to challenge both of us. She not only is great at motivating and pushing you but gets you to think about the muscles and muscle groups that you are using to get that mind-muscle connection for faster results. She also is big on getting your technique and body positioning correct to ensure you get the maximum benefits out of what you are doing which really makes a difference with getting those results. We both totally recommend her to anyone, we both found her a cut above other PT's out there..."

"... She is always supportive and very encouraging. I always feel like I can do the new exercises with her encouragement and her excitement when I achieve my new goal..."


Access to 2x 25-30min workouts and a 15-20min pilates/stretch workout each week!

Additional motivation and challenges!

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We aren't a 'one size fits all' service - every team member has their own unique goals....


See some of our team's Results:

Wendy - 7 Weeks Results


  • In just 7 weeks she has lost a HUGE 5.5cm at her waist!!!

  • Her upper arms are 1.5cm smaller

  • AND she has lost 2.8cm at her hips!!!


Fantastic stuff, 100% effort every session and it shows!!

Nicky - 9 sessions Results


Waist - lost 1.2cm

Hips - lost 2.5cm

Thighs - lost 1cm

Fitness Testing:

Max Wall Squat - tripled in time!!!

Max Plank Hold - increased by nearly 1min!!

Max push ups in 1min - increased by 11.5 reps!!!

Awesome work Nicky!!

Lauren - 3 Month Results

  • Lost a whopping 4.5cm at her waist!!

  • Her CORE strength has increased, her plank hold has improved by 1 min!!!

  • Laurens chronic back pain was significantly reduced within the first few sessions! No longer feels a need to see a chiropractor.

  • Standing posture has improved! (Pic on right is her new normal!)

  • AND her overall fitness/strength improved, doubling her max wall squat hold time and achieving her first two pull ups so far!!! (since our three months results she's now doing 5 pull ups in a row!)

Awesome work Lauren, you've put in the hard work every single session!!!

Rob - 5 months results

Super proud of Rob from our PT team - he has totally smashed his fitness re-testing! 

  • DOUBLED his squat hold time 

  • DOUBLED his plank hold time 

  • Increased his push ups in 1min by 23 reps!!!


Massive results, awesome stuff well done!!!

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