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HardCORE Fitness

Balanced mind in a balanced body

Hard 'CORE' Fitness is all about creating strong functioning CORES - the powerhouse of the body! Want to get rid of that lower belly pouch, eliminate back pain or improve posture?! Lisa has a unique individualised approach to teaching, her extensive knowledge of corrective exercise, strong pilates background, and her personal experience with a changing body as a new mum give her a broad understanding to draw from. 

What started out as a hobby running the occasional CHRISTCHURCH, NZ bootcamp class and getting friends together to workout has transformed into a full time business, offering a variety of classes each week, one on one training sessions and ONLINE workouts. Our supportive, friendly environment makes every training session an enjoyable one that our team look forward to.. Lisa's love of exercise is contagious and a fundamental reason for our members success.

Our mission is to make functional fitness and mobility training accessible to everyone, using suitably scaled movement progressions. Our proven results-based workouts will be constantly varied, fun and challenging, focusing on technical form and identifying mobility issues. 

... Don't be fooled by the name 'Hardcore' - Lisa is extremely good at what she does and recognises the need to train individuals based on their own abilities and requirements. LOW IMPACT OPTIONS are always available, you do not have to run or jump in these classes if that is not where you are at on the day. Her thorough pre screen assessment will help you identify any issues, like lack of sleep, a weak core, or pelvic floor dysfunction, that may benefit from a gentler approach. Completely confidential and with utmost discretion, she will train you to get the maximum benefits of your time - SAFELY.

Registered 'Pelvic Floor Safe Fitness Professional' (Incontinence NZ, 2018).


Certified 'Pre and Postnatal Coach' (Girls Gone Strong - Coaching and Training Women Academy).

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HardCORE Fitness Christchurch - Group Fitness and PT
HardCORE Fitness





Jo -


...What I like in particular is that there are modifications for all, the accessibility is fantastic, it has a community feel dispite being online, and lastly Lisa comes up with so many varying workouts you never get bored nor do they become easier as you gain strength...

Julia -

Pre and Postnatal classes

...I can now exercise more and push myself harder knowing I'm breathing and engaging correctly - I can even run and jump which for a while there after having my second child I never thought I'd do again. Lisa is passionate about what she does and shows a genuine interest in each individuals progress... 

Gemma -

ONLINE Core Recovery

...Her pelvic floor and core reconnection exercises have been a game changer. My core muscles started to feel stronger after the first few sessions and my pelvic floor control has improved significantly...



Lisa Hansen

Fitness Coach


Lisa is a highly experienced Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer who is genuinely passionate about helping others achieve their own personal health and fitness goals!

Lisa has been in the fitness industry for over 15 years instructing aerobics, bootcamp, crossfit and also pilates/yoga core based classes in that time. She has practiced and taught pilates for over ten years and trained in Classical Ballet for 17 years.

Lisa specializes in mobility training and functional fitness, with a focus on technical form and identifying mobility issues, which ensures her clients are well balanced to enhance their training results. She understands the importance of creating a supportive environment where they feel comfortable and confident on their fitness journey.

Lisa is a mum of one boy, Valentino. Her experience in pregnancy and postpartum has allowed for a greater understanding of the role pre and post natal fitness has in ensuring a quicker recovery. She is very knowledgable in safe exercise to promote a healthy functioning core (including pelvic floor and diaphragm) and a maintained quality of life postpartum.

Has a National Certificate in Group Fitness (2013). Certificate in Personal Training (2015).

Crossfit Level 1.

Holds a current First Aid Certificate.

Lisa is REPs (Register of Exercise Professionals) registered for Personal Training and Group Exercise (Own Choreography).

Certified 'Pre and Postnatal Coach' (Girls Gone Strong- Coaching and Training Women Academy).

Registered 'Pelvic Floor Safe Fitness Professional' (Incontinence NZ, 2018).


And every week is different. You are challenged to YOUR OWN LEVEL, suitable for beginners through to advanced athletes!!


Getting Here:

We are based in Wigram, off Springs Road.

Plenty of on street parking beside the park.

Our Address:

Wigram, 31 Corsair Dr, outside the Harvard Community Lounge.


Over winter (from April) - Halswell, Halswell Community Hall, 450 Halswell Rd).

Lisa 021 171 5777
Outdoors Training - PT and Bootcamp
Indoors Training - Bootcamp from April.
See Pre and Postnatal Page for class locations.
To BOOK or enquire please fill in the form, text or call Lisa
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