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My top advice to new mums

POSTPARTUM FITNESS CLASSES ON NOW - Tuesday 10.30am -11.15am, indoors in Halswell.

Throwback to six months postpartum, summer fun with my little one.

My biggest advice to new mums wanting to get back into shape is to not rush back into it, give your body time to heal.

There are so many benefits of exercise postpartum, but inappropriate exercise can actually hinder recovery, increasing the risk of developing dysfunctions which can hold us back from returning to exercises or sports we enjoy.

I concentrated my recovery on the inside out, working on my pelvic floor and TA (the deep abdominals).. establishing strong foundations before getting back into my pre-pregnancy routines like running and HIIT (despite getting clearance at the infamous six week check up!).. I chose to wait and instead do other just as effective exercises that put less pressure on the pelvic floor and already weakened abs.. I LOVE running and high impact exercises like burpees so taking the time to recondition my body before jumping back into them (as tempting as it was!!) was key to being able to continue enjoying these symptom free in the future.

- "Removing fear and confusion is the first step in making pre and postnatal exercise accessible. Basic guidelines are available - although they are not ideal, and of course can't be right for everyone, they are somewhere to start! There are plenty of trainers, like myself, that are dedicated to changing how we approach pre and postnatal fitness. Pelvic floor health is gaining more and more attention in the fitness industry and we are becoming more open about sensitive issues. I hope that we are able to empower women to have the confidence and courage to ask when they have questions or concerns and the knowledge that they are not alone...."

Read about our POSTPARTUM suitable 'TOTAL BODY AND CORE' class HERE

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