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5 minute WORKOUT - suitable for PREGNANCY and POSTPARTUM!!

5min workout - this is also suitable for Pregnancy and Postpartum (using low options, go at your own pace).

1min - 3 Phase squat (low option - feet narrow and don't go so deep)

1min - High knees (low option - march on spot)

1min - Tricep dips (low option, keep but to floor, feet wide)

30 seconds each side - Side leg lifts in squat (low options, soft standing leg rather than a squat).

1min - Squat with alternating knee lifts (low option, kppe knee low so you don't crunch in to tummy).

ANY symptoms during these movements (for example pelvic floor dysfunction like leaking or pressure, back/hip pain, or coning/doming of the tummy) please stop and reach out for advice. Our ONLINE training courses give many options for every movement so that they are SAFE and suitable for all stages of pregnancy or postpartum recovery.

Find our ONLINE PREGNANCY FITNESS 6 week course here:

Find our POSTPARTUM CORE RECOVERY 6 week program here:


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