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As a fitness coach, often working with clients who have common physical limitations (like back/hip pain), GOOD FORM is incredibly important and a huge part of our success. Good form doesn't look the same for everyone and that is what makes it so interesting to me!! I LOVE being able to tweak movements for individuals so that they get the BEST out of the exercise. Usually though, there will be simple tips that will help most people and this is what our 'technique check' videos are all about!

Technique check - Walking lunges

Walking lunges are a bodyweight workout favourite - but they often cause a jarring of the back. In this video, learn simple tips to protect your core and make this movement much more effective!

Technique check - Squats!

Check out these super simple tips to get the most out of your squats!

An all time FAV, simple tweaks make this a super effective exercise for both our glutes and our quads!

Technique check - Tricep Dips

I love these for an instant arm burnnnn!!

Start with your hands facing forward and your feet hip width apart. Low option, stay with butt to floor, high option keep butt up to make this more challenging!!

These are a great one for all fitness levels and also pregnancy and postpartum training (butt down, feet wide).

Technique Check - Burpees!

Learn how to make you BURPEES more efficient and effective with these simple tips!

00:00 - The first part of this video shows you 4 variations for a burpee (the first 2 are LOW IMPACT - which is more suitable for postpartum training - however the second option still steps in to plank position so we have other modifications, not shown in this video, that we can use until our core is stronger).

00:30 - The second part of this video gives you simple tips on how to IMPROVE your burpee - keeping your feet wide and utilising the SQUAT position.


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