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5 AB exercises to AVOID postpartum!

Hi team, in this quick video I share the ab exercises to avoid postpartum (but this is also very relevant to PREGNANCY).

These common ab exercises can often be much more damaging than helpful by CAUSING or exacerbating ab separation, so it is really important to be aware of the core movements you are doing and why! As always, HOW you perform an exercise is more important than the actual exercise, but there are many much more effective ab exercises we can do that are less risk than these ones.

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*Lisa is a CERTIFIED Pre and Postnatal Coach (GGS) with over 15yrs experience coaching. Qualified PT and Group Fitness Instructor (REPs NZ) and a registered 'Pelvic Floor Safe Fitness Professional' (Incontinence NZ). She is a Mum of one boy.


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