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Pregnancy Fitness

Finally, a PREGNANCY FITNESS PROGRAM to SUPPORT your changing body.

REDUCE your risk of pelvic floor dysfunction and diastasis recti while still enjoying working out and feeling fit, focusing on movements that are



This is the perfect mix of pelvic floor work, pelvic stability work and chest opening/back strengthening exercises. 



6 weeks of training!

3x  SAFE and EFFECTIVE workouts per week, you can complete them anywhere and anytime in the 6 weeks (FLEXIBLE training you can do when it suits you).

2x 20-25min main workouts per week. 

In these sessions we go over pelvic floor and breath connection, lower abs and butt muscles - getting in a variety of exercises for a full body workout. They are easy to follow, I talk you through them just like I would if you were in class with me. 

1x 10-30min BLAST session per week.

This is a combination of the weeks exercises in a more fast paced circuit style workout. This session is a perfect add on to this course - allowing a more intense workout depending on the fitness level you choose. If you are feeling tired or you are short on time you can do the session once, if you are feeling super pumped you can carry on and repeat the session one or two more times!! 

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How it works:

All of the 18 workout videos are up on our ONLINE training FB page - they are available to be completed anywhere and anytime within the 6 weeks so you have the flexibility to work out when you are feeling up to it. 

Anytime you have a question, just comment on a post in our private training group or private message via Facebook/email and I will message you back asap.

You are also welcome to call/text or video call.

What you need:

  • A MAT


  • A WALL to be able to use in the workouts. 

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6 Week Course - $75 NZD ( $12.50 per week!)

$75 NZD

Payment can be made via credit card or PayPal

6 Weeks for $75 NZD

You can start this training anytime. (There are NO set course dates, the videos are all loaded and you work through them at your own pace).

1. Click on 'BUY NOW' Link and make payment.

2. Click on the Facebook private group link here

3. Request to 'join' the group. Please answer the questions, where it requests a screen shot of payment please type 'PAYPAL' instead (no screen shot of payment required).

You will be added to the group ASAP.  

*Please CONTACT US if you have any questions about our online training, including any physical limitations you may have, BEFORE making payment as there is no refunds on purchases.

You must have FACEBOOK to be able to access the workouts.

... really like the focus on strengthening the key areas, pelvic floor, lower belly, glutes, hips with some arm work thrown in. ..." 


I am extremely proud of this ONLINE course - making SAFE pregnancy workouts available for ALL MUMS to be! 

There is so much confusing information out there about what exercise you can and can't do during pregnancy, I have made this a simple easy-to-follow program that takes out all of the guess work and covers the really important STRENGTH (and function) exercises. 

Pregnancy is a fantastic time to go back to the FOUNDATIONS and strengthen our core - preparing our body to support our growing baby!! 

FUN, AFFORDABLE and most importantly EFFECTIVE and SAFE!

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Who is this training suitable for?

This 6 weeks of training is suitable for all trimesters and common pregnancy issues.

There are alternative movements for common pregnancy issues such as back/hip pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, core weakness, sore wrists/knees.

You work at YOUR OWN PACE and the movements can be very gentle to more advanced (including progressions and faster/greater range of motion).

Does this program include movements done on your back?

There are no laying on back (supine) exercises in this course. I have over 18yrs experience coaching and I have worked with a lot of pregnant women. While I agree movement on your back during pregnancy is safe for short periods of time for most women, I have made this course to suit ALL ABILITIES ONLINE and for that reason I have excluded this position from this training. For some, this position is simply not comfortable and for others it brings on dizziness and/or nausea. I substitute with many awesome exercises that are just as effective (if not more) and take out that risk.

What kind of exercises are included in this program?

This is not a CARDIO fitness course - it is mat work and standing bodyweight training, it is certainly still possible to work up a sweat and feel that muscle burn!! The KEY is to learn how to recruit your muscles effectively, which this course teaches - so that ANYONE will find these exercises challenging when performed well!!

This is the training I did throughout my pregnancy, and even in filming (not pregnant) I could certainly feel my muscles during AND afterwards haha!! 

How will I know if I'm doing the exercises right?

The main workouts go over our exercises in more detail, with lots of different cues to help you 'get it'. I use all of my 18 years knowledge and experience working with mums and pregnant women to make these videos easy to understand and EFFECTIVE.

While this training is 'online' you are welcome to contact me at anytime to ask questions. You have access to my phone number for video calls, texts/calls, you can Facebook message, email or comment on the workout post in our private group. 

When can I start?

You are welcome to start this training anytime. There are no set course dates, the videos are all available on the Facebook page so you can make your way through them at your own pace, in the 6 weeks. 

You can start this course in any trimester, there are options to suit how you FEEL and how supported your body is feeling in the movements.

I don't have a Swiss ball, can I still complete these workouts?

Yes, you can do all of these videos without a Swiss ball, using a chair instead. Some movements, for example pelvic floor work, may be preferred on the chair so it is recommended to at least have a chair with you.

Swiss balls can be found at most sports stores or department stores with sports equipment. Ideally, you want a swiss ball that allows you to sit with your knees at a right angle or slightly above. 

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I am a fully qualified REPs Registered Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor with over 18 years experience.

I am a CERTIFIED Pre and Postnatal Coach (GGS) and have worked with many pregnant women both one on one and in a group setting. 

I am a Registered 'Pelvic Floor Safe Fitness Professional'

(Incontinence NZ, via Maree Frost). 

I am also a mum! 

This course incorporates all of my coaching experience, qualifications and personal experience to thoroughly consider and cover all common pregnancy issues (such as pelvic floor dysfunction, ab separation, back/hip pain and sore wrists/knees) and variables (stages/trimesters).

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