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Join our favourite POSTPARTUM MUMS Pelvic Floor Program here:

"My core muscles started to feel stronger after the first few sessions and my pelvic floor control has improved significantly"



Hard 'CORE' Fitness is not your ordinary fitness program.  We are all about REAL bodies, acknowledging and addressing very common physical limitations (such as pelvic floor dysfunction or back/hip pain, sore knees or sore wrists!). 


Our workouts focus on CORE strength and FUNCTION - the "powerhouse" of our body. Learn how to engage your muscles effectively, how to move in a way that suits YOUR mobility, fitness level and physical limitations... so that you not only avoid injuries but feel maximum benefits from your workouts.

The very definition of 'Hardcore' is 'highly committed in one's support for or dedication to something' - HardCORE Fitness was started back in 2013 because of my genuine LOVE of fitness, my crazy but infectious love of feeling challenged and my drive to make a real difference in peoples lives.

To me 'hardcore' evokes feelings of STRENGTH, of unbreakable dedication and of genuine effort. Hardcore isn't just about challenging physical limits, it is a mindset and a determination. 

Registered 'Pelvic Floor Safe Fitness Professional' (Incontinence NZ, 2018).


Certified 'Pre and Postnatal Coach' (Girls Gone Strong - Coaching and Training Women Academy).

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Meet Lisa

Fitness Coach

Lisa has been in the fitness industry for over 18 years instructing a huge variety of classes including aerobics, bootcamp, HIT, crossfit, pregnancy and postpartum fitness and pilates/yoga core based classes.


She has practiced pilates for over twenty years and trained in Classical Ballet for 17 years. Her dance background has strongly influenced her teaching style - with a focus on technique, posture, mobility and muscle engagement. 

With an infectious love of exercise, Lisa makes working out fun and light hearted - without compromising on serious results. 

Her extensive knowledge of pre and postnatal exercise, continual up-skilling and substantial experience working with mums (both in person and via online) has positioned her as an expert in her field. She is a mum herself to one precious boy, Valentino. Her own experience of pregnancy and postpartum recovery has powered her drive to make safe and suitable training accessible to all mums. 



Certified 'Pre and Postnatal Coach' (Girls Gone Strong- Coaching and Training Women Academy).

Registered 'Pelvic Floor Safe Fitness Professional' (Incontinence NZ, 2018).

National Certificate in Group Fitness (2013).

Certificate in Personal Training (2015).

Crossfit Level 1 (2015).

Holds a current First Aid Certificate.

Lisa is REPs (Register of Exercise Professionals) registered for Personal Training and Group Exercise (Own Choreography).



Jo -


...What I like in particular is that there are modifications for all, the accessibility is fantastic, it has a community feel dispite being online, and lastly Lisa comes up with so many varying workouts you never get bored nor do they become easier as you gain strength...

Julia -

Pre and Postnatal classes

...I can now exercise more and push myself harder knowing I'm breathing and engaging correctly - I can even run and jump which for a while there after having my second child I never thought I'd do again. Lisa is passionate about what she does and shows a genuine interest in each individuals progress... 

Gemma -

ONLINE Core Recovery

...Her pelvic floor and core reconnection exercises have been a game changer. My core muscles started to feel stronger after the first few sessions and my pelvic floor control has improved significantly...

And every week is different. You are challenged to YOUR OWN LEVEL, suitable for beginners through to advanced athletes!!

"your videos changed my life and eased me back in to fitness"

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HardCORE Fitness


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