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Now you can enjoy 2x PILATES/STRETCH sessions per week in the comfort of your own home.

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  • Just like our classes, our PILATES/STRETCH sessions are the perfect mix of dynamic movement and stretching - leaving you feeling amazing, stretched out and warm.

  • Options for ALL FITNESS LEVELS, so they are always achievable and effective. Suitable for common physical limitations such as back/hip pain, sore wrists/knees, core weakness (including ab separation) and pelvic floor dysfunction. 

  • Always varied, but working the important CORE muscles each session including lower abs and butt muscles.

  • 20-25min sessions, 2x per week.

  • Access via our private online training group on Facebook, you can complete these sessions anywhere and anytime within the week, as often as you like! 


PAY WEEKLY: $8 per week*

PAY 8 Weekly: $48 (Only $6 per week!)

Click on 'JOIN NOW' to send an email with your name - I will reply with an email with payment details and the link to our group. To join our private Facebook group screen shot of payment must be sent, then your request to join will be accepted as quickly as possible.

*There is no cancellation fee. With pay weekly, payments must be made BEFORE the next week or access to the workouts will stop until you send through a join request again.

PLEASE NOTE - You must have Facebook to be able to access the online workouts.


Pilates/Stretch classes you can do ANYWHERE and ANYTIME within the week!

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