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ONLINE Return to Run

6 week program

A comprehensive 6 week program designed to assist Mums return to running safely! 

"These sessions have been fundamental in my recovery, all from the convenience of my home"

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“I started PRE AND POSTNATAL coaching because of my "hard-core in to fitness" background!! Because I wanted to HAVE THE CHOICE of what activities/sports/exercise I continued to do as a mother. To have CONTROL over my body and to continue to FEEL STRONG. I may be a mum, but I am still the same exercise loving girl I was before - I still feel the same rush after a wicked session - I am proud of helping many other mums SAFELY return to their exercise of choice, whether that is crossfit, HIIT, running, sport, yoga, pilates, walking...” 

- Lisa Hansen, Pre and Postnatal Coach

Designed by a CERTIFIED Pre and Postnatal Coach, with 15 years experience as a qualified PT and Group Fitness Instructor and a registered 'Pelvic Floor Safe Fitness Professional' (Incontinence NZ).

This course includes:

  • SAFE exercises to strengthen abdominal muscles and Pelvic floor muscles

  • How to strengthen your butt muscles to support CORE movement​​

      (Yes, even if you have NEVER been able to feel your butt muscles before!)

  • SAFE exercises to strengthen ankles, knees, legs and hips

  • SAFE Progressions for impact/pelvic floor loading exercises 

  • Posture and foot strike positions to improve running technique

  • This is the perfect way to ease back in to running SAFELY - with a focus on CORE FUNCTION - including pelvic floor function, lower abs (Transversus Abdominus) and butt muscles.

  • 3x video workouts per week - I talk you through each exercise as if you were right there in class with me.

  • All workouts are 10-20 mins so that they are manageable and achievable.

  • Weekly progressions which you can add on at your own pace.

How it works:

Each week a new set of ONLINE training will be up on our private FB page - they are available to be completed anywhere and anytime within the 6 week course. 

Monday - Workout 1

Tuesday - Workout 2

Wednesday - Workout 3


Live Q&A's will pop up through the week where I will be available to chat with you and answer your questions instantly. Anytime you have a question though, just comment on a post or private message via our private Facebook page and I will message you back asap.


ONLINE Return to running Membership

6 week program (18 sessions) - $90

Click on 'JOIN NOW' to receive an email with payment details and the link to our group. To join our private Facebook group screen shot of payment must be sent, then your request to join will be accepted as quickly as possible.

REGISTER HERE to join our next ONLINE Return to running 6 week course

Course Dates:


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Why do we need to ease back in to running postpartum?

We know that returning to running, sports or high impact exercise too soon can cause or exacerbate common postpartum issues such as pelvic floor dysfunction, prolapse, back/hip pain, abdominal separation (diastasis recti).


My main drive behind these classes is to CHANGE THE STATISTICS for postpartum issues (such as pelvic floor dysfunction, which is currently 1 in 3 women - not great odds!!!), and to make POSTPARTUM AFTERCARE a normal and expected part of having a baby - currently a very forgotten side of becoming a mum!


  • The desire to get back in to your old training can be really strong... which can at times feel frustrating, inconvenient and isolating. BUT It is important to build up to it slowly, working on our CORE foundations so that we prevent causing or exacerbating any common postpartum issues.​​

  • The 6 week check up point is NOT a realistic time frame for the majority of new mums to be ready to get back in to their old training - including running.

  • Any leaking, even if it is only a tiny bit when coughing, is considered pelvic floor dysfunction and IS NOT NORMAL. 

  • It is common to feel a lack of physical connection with the pelvic floor and lower abs early on. There is often confusion on HOW to recruit these core muscles - especially when they may be very weak, or not even felt.

  • It is common to feel a lack of connection with the glutes (butt muscles) postpartum. Butt muscles play a major role in RUNNING!

  • There can be fear and confusion around when it is "safe" to return to running. This program aims to take out the guess work and EMPOWER you with the knowledge and tools to feel more in control of your body and more aware of your symptoms. 

Who is this training suitable for and when can I start?

Anyone wanting to get in to RUNNING - whether you have experienced unwanted symptoms while running before, or are feeling ready to return postpartum but unsure how or when to start! 

  • If you have already done some worked on pelvic floor function and strength and basic core work. (I would recommend being at least 3 months postpartum)

  • You have no consistent pelvic floor dysfunction symptoms present (or are working with a pelvic floor physio who has cleared you for increasing impact).

  • You have no diastasis recti present (or are working with a womens physio who has cleared you for increasing impact).


It is so important to give your body enough time to build up a strong core after having your baby. In an ideal world I would recommend EVERY WOMAN POSTPARTUM to have a check up with a specialised pelvic floor physio to identify any potential issues as they may be asymptomatic.


If you are CURRENTLY experiencing consistent PELVIC FLOOR DYSFUNCTION symptoms - for example, a dragging feeling/pressure/pain, leaking, discomfort during sex, constipation/bowel strains, urinary issues (urge to urinate or painful urination) please do get in touch BEFORE starting this course. It may be that you need a little more time working on the foundations before adding in impact which running of course brings. There are LOTS of options for pelvic floor dysfunction, there is PLENTY of help available to help you get feeling BACK IN CONTROL, please please please do reach out. 

If you have previously been diagnosed with a PROLAPSE, please check with your pelvic floor physio that you are ready to build up to impact before starting this course. While there are core foundation LOW IMPACT options available, you may find more benefit in the CORE RECOVERY 6 week program.


I absolutely recommend doing our pelvic floor and and core strengthening course ('CORE RECOVERY 6 week program') before starting back to running postpartum. 


This is a comprehensive 6 week program specifically designed to assist Mums with postpartum recovery - including healing ab separation and improving pelvic floor dysfunction symptoms. It is a great introduction to our online training workouts - easing back in to exercise gently with SAFE, EFFECTIVE movement.


More details to come... if you would like to stay totally up to date with all the latest offers and to find out more about this brand new program, please sign up to the mailing list below! 

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