This is a flowing fully choreographed class based on the principles of concentration, centre, commitment, breath, fluidity, and precision. 

Pilates offers so many benefits that improve both your body and mind, including a rock-solid core, improved posture and flexibility, toned muscles and increased strength. It reduces stress and toxins by improving circulation, and teaches you overall body awareness and control.

Pilates is a progressive technique, each move has its own levels from moderate to difficult based on coordination, strength, flexibility and risk… the aim is to do what you can (and there is always a beginner move so you will always be able to join in) and work towards the rest.

This really is a class that is suitable for ALL fitness levels, all ages, shapes and sizes!* It is a common misconception that you need to be flexible to do pilates, but that is not the case at all.. but the good news is, it will improve your flexibility with regular practice!! 

Booking is essential. 


PILATES: Wednesdays - ChCh City, 3.30pm-4.15pm.*

                Wednesdays - ChCh City, 4.30pm-5.15pm.*

                Thursdays - Hillmorton, 1.10pm-1.50pm.*


CONTACT US to book your spot.

Spaces are limited, booking is essential.

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Can't make the times?


You get access to:

2x 25-30min Bootcamp workouts (including LOW IMPACT OPTIONS) and 

1x pilates/stretch session per week.

Additional motivation, weekly CHALLENGES

and Live Q&A's.

All for only $12 pay weekly (with no joining or cancellation fees)

or $120 for a block of 12 weeks (so that's only $10 per week!).


Our ONLINE TRAINING now includes a 20-25min PILATES/STRETCH session each week. 

Reduce stress, feel energised and relaxed - at your convenience, anytime and anywhere within the week!!

Affordable, FUN, convenient, suitable for ALL fitness levels, and pelvic floor mindful (because I'm a mum and I get it!)

Find out more about our online training here

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