A Balanced Mind in a Balanced Body


Monday nights, 6.05pm-6.50pm in Wigram. (Outside The Harvard Community Lounge, Corsair Drive)

*During April-October class is held in Halswell at the Halswell Community Hall, 450 Halswell Rd.


COST - $15 casual class, $99 for 10 sessions with 11 weeks to use them in.

No classes run on Public Holidays.       



(combined pregnancy and postpartum)

Wednesday mornings, 10.45am-11.30am, 355 High Street - RANGIORA

Tuesday mornings, 10.45am-11.30am, Halswell Community Hall - HALSWELL

Thursday mornings, 9.20am-10.05am, 31 Gerald St, LINCOLN

Thursday mornings, 10.45am-11.30am, 460 Papanui Road, PAPANUI

Children and babies are welcome to attend. Please bring anything you like with you to help settle them (such as play mat, bouncer seat). 

COST - $15 casual class, $99 for 10 sessions with 14 weeks to use them in (to allow for sickness etc).

ONLY the Papanui Class will run through the school holidays (so you can exclude these weeks from block weeks). 

NO CLASSES run on Public Holidays (any classes that fall on public holidays are not included in block weeks).

You are welcome to mix session locations.


One on one sessions, or pairs training.

COST - One on one: $50 for 30mins, $60 for 45mins.

Pairs Training: $35 each for 30mins, $45 each for 45mins.

Sessions are available.

Most sessions are held in Wigram, Haswell or Lincoln.

No sessions run on Public Holidays.


Online CORE RECOVERY 6 week program -

Postpartum and menopause

SAFE exercises for the pelvic floor, lower abs and butt muscles to help you feel stronger and IMPROVE your core function. Ideal for postpartum and menopause issues, such as pelvic floor dysfunction, ab separation, back/hip pain, sore knees.

Online TRAINING - Bootcamp and Pilates 

All fitness levels

3 workouts per week, including 2x Bootcamp and 1 x Pilates/Stretch. Options for common physical limitations such as back/hip pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, sore wrists/knees and core weakness. 

Online PREGNANCY fitness -

All trimesters

SAFE low impact workouts, focusing on CORE, including pelvic floor, lower abs and pelvic stability. Seated and standing movements. 



"...Highly recommend the online training from HardCORE Fitness. Lisa has designed a quality end to end program suitable for people at any fitness level which can be done from the comfort of home anywhere in the world through detailed instructions videos. I am based in Brisbane, Australia, the distance did not once impact the one on one support offered by Lisa through the online training. Detailed, interactive and supportive." Tim, Online Training.

"...I notice improvement each week and love Lisa's passion for ensuring each person in the class is pushing herself right up to her own personal limit without overdoing it. I love feeling that post work-out burn the next day and the ongoing improvement in my pelvic floor and core!" Rachel, Pre and Postnatal Training.

"...After the eight weeks I definitely feel stronger, fitter and lighter. The glute activation exercises have definitely worked. I have been running for years and this is the first time I actually feel my glutes working whilst running!!!!" Justine, Bootcamp.

Small Strokes

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BOOTCAMP - Running through. Monday nights 6.05pm in Wigram. BOOKING is essential please


Papanui - Last class 17th December, returns 7th January.

Halswell - Last class 22nd December, returns 12th January.


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