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I'm a new mum - is ONLINE TRAINING right for me?!

I love our mums classes (qualified Pre and Postnatal fitness) and believe they are the most ideal way to ease back in to exercise safely as I can talk to you and ask you questions as you go, and also watch your technique - so I would definitely recommend doing at least a few of these first to make sure you are understanding muscle recruitment and starting to get the breath connection.

...However, not everyone can make our classes - I absolutely understand it can be really hard just getting out of the house with little ones, you may have work at our class times, you may be lacking sleep and not be able to make morning classes easily, maybe you don't live in Christchurch so can't attend our classes.... CORE RECOVERY is so important postpartum, if you are not able to make a Mums and Bubs class (with a CERTIFIED pre and postnatal coach, be aware of unhelpful classes!!) I would definitely recommend getting a check up with a womens health physiotherapist (and actually think all mums should do this even if they are doing their core work in a class like ours and have no symptoms!). It is really important to be aware of any ab separation, pelvic floor dysfunction or other postpartum issue.

As an alternative to the classes, I offer ONLINE TRAINING. Although this is not specifically for mums, I do talk you through the movements quite thoroughly in our video workouts so they are as SAFE as possible. If you do have any pelvic floor issues or ab separation it is recommended to speak with me/email me first or speak with your health care provider, ideally a womens health physiotherapist. Pelvic floor dysfunction really does vary - so for some mums a few minor symptoms will be manageable with modifications and pressure management methods (importantly - I explain these in the videos!!!!), however for others it may still not be appropriate just yet. I am mindful of ab separation in these sessions, movements that commonly would not be ideal for helping heal diastasis are highlighted and I give an alternative option.

But otherwise, if you have done the base work for CORE RECOVERY and are just feeling somewhat unfit, the bootcamp has low options so you do not have to jump, and you choose your pace so you can move quite slowly and controlled to start with (rather than pushing yourself hard - there is absolutely no need to move as fast as I am in the videos). The Stretch/Pilates sessions include some focus on the pelvic floor, glutes and lower abs work, much like our mums classes.

The other benefit of our online training is you can stop/pause the session at anytime, so you may want to only do 10-15mins of the workout each day rather than trying to complete it all in one go. You may like to repeat the pelvic floor/ab work of the pilates stretch class each day. You choose how you use the video workouts within the week.

The sessions are all short - the max length is 30mins - to fit in to our often busy MUM lifestyle.

The online training is only $12 per week and it is not a problem to do it one week to try it and not continue on if you don't feel it is what you are after! I am so confident that you will love the sessions that I have offered 'pay weekly' with absolutely no joining or cancellation fee, you can stop anytime you want. These sessions are based on the training I have done myself throughout my postpartum journey - I incorporate my pre and postnatal training into everything I teach, as the fundamental core work is so helpful for all woman I train - regardless of whether they have had children.

Any questions please directly and confidentially CONTACT ME HERE. Thanks, Lisa x

Affordable, convenient, challenging, suitable for all levels,

pelvic floor mindful (mums I get you!), CORE focused and FUN....


Pay Weekly $12 - JOIN 'PAY WEEKLY' HERE!

Pay Every 12 Weeks $120 ($10 per wk!) - JOIN 'PAY EVERY 12 WEEKS HERE!

What is included in our ONLINE BOOTCAMP?​

  • Access to our private ONLINE TRAINING GROUP, where you can ask questions about our workouts, feel supported, motivated and encouraged.

  • 2x Online 25-30min bootcamp sessions per week. These will be available for video replay so you can complete them when it suits you.

  • 1x 5-15min STRETCH/PILATES session per week.

  • LIVE fitness Q&A's with me each week!

  • One CHALLENGE of the week to keep you motivated.

  • One INSPIRATION every week.

Our ONLINE WORKOUTS have fitness level options - including modifications (for example, to suit pelvic floor dysfunction) AND progressions to suit advanced athletes looking for a challenge!! This means it is suitable for both you and your partner to do together working alongside each other. No separate video necessary, I talk you through it all just like I do in my gym group fitness classes that have up to 40 people of ALL DIFFERENT ABILITIES. Join me!!

**I have been teaching for 15 years, I'm Pre and Postnatal certified and I am a registered 'Pelvic floor fitness professional' through Incontinence NZ.

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