Easy and quick nutrition tips

As a busy business owner and mum of a one year old, I know how easy it is to reach for quick and easy processed foods! But we all know that we feel better, we look better, we have more energy and we sleep better when we eat good, NUTRITIOUS foods.

So the trick is to find ways to make meals and snacks easier (and faster) to avoid temptations. Whether you are organised and do meal preps at the start of the week, or you have easy go-to meal options, the key is to FIND WHAT WORKS FOR YOU so you are more likely to stick with it!

I have to admit meal prep is something that I don't do very often. A lot of my trainer friends find this works well for them and has simply become a habit.

I like to have quick easy options I can whip up for those extra busy days. My go-to meals require very little prep, I include lots of veggies, they are usually relatively low calorie, and they taste delicious :) But they often involve the microwave (which I can understand is not everyones first choice) and I often use ready made sauces, some of which do have preservatives and can be high in sodium and sugars.

My freezer is ALWAYS full of:

1. Frozen veggies - mixed veggies, spinach and greens mix, cauliflower and broccoli and often a stir fry mix.

2. Frozen fish fillets and chicken 'take outs'.

3. Frozen fruits. I have a selection of berries (blueberries, strawberries and raspberries) and mango.

My cupboards are ALWAYS stocked with:

1. 2min rice packets! Why? Because it is soo easy!

I also have a microwave bowl that is especially for cooking rice so if I am cooking for a few people I will use the cheaper ordinary rice and microwave it (12mins).

2. Seeds and nuts. Chia seeds, sunflower/pumpkin seeds. Pistachios, cashews and if I'm feeling extravagant sometimes pine nuts.

3. Easy to add sauces. I love the Watties WOK creations - teriyaki and honey soy. When I was pregnant I didn't have these as they contain preservatives. Other great ones are the five brothers garlic tomato based pasta sauce, and the Watties butter chicken. Yes they have sugars and sodium, they are never going to be as nutritious as home made sauces, however they are still a good base for a healthy meal and a heck of a lot better than fast food! I'm all about BALANCE and moderation.

4. Oats. I use the microwave original oats. They don't have any added sugars and are super quick.

5. Vegan protein powder. I use a golden pea protein, I find it is much easier to digest than whey, I don't get bloating from it and I add it to smoothies so I can't taste it ;p

ALWAYS In the fridge: