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Why is bootcamp right for you?

I get asked all the time about what we do at HardCORE Fitness BOOTCAMP.. it's always different, always fun and always an awesome workout. Some days we use lots of equipment, other days just our own body weight.

The classes are designed to suit all fitness levels, the challenge is against yourself.. so if you are an experienced athlete you will be worked to that level and if you are just starting out we will modify the exercises so they are always achievable.

I know it's really common to feel hesitant about starting a group class because you want to get fitter first.. I hear this all the time, but there really is no need to do that and you are so much more likely to reach your goals with support and the right training! I can tell you no one cares what anyone else is doing in our class, effort and dedication is so much more impressive than what level burpee you are doing and the only person you need to prove yourself to is YOU!!

... Don't be fooled by the words 'Hardcore' or 'BOOTCAMP' - Lisa is extremely good at what she does and recognises the need to train individuals based on their own abilities and requirements. LOW IMPACT OPTIONS are always available, you do not have to run or jump in these classes if that is not where you are at on the day. Her thorough pre screen assessment will help you identify any issues, like lack of sleep, a weak core, or pelvic floor dysfunction, that may benefit from a gentler approach. Completely confidential and with utmost discretion, she will train you to get the maximum benefits of your time - SAFELY.

At HardCORE Fitness, we are focused on creating STRONG, FUNCTIONING CORES. This means ALL our classes (including BOOTCAMP) and PT sessions are carefully thought through to provide EFFECTIVE CORE TRAINING.

We do not do 100s of sit ups. We do not recommend full planks if we can't maintain our breath or engage our core. We talk about what muscles we are feeling and what we should ideally be feeling.

Have you read our team member TESTIMONIALS yet?

Four modifications of a BURPEE at HardCORE Fitness. You work at your own level, low impact options are offered for everything.

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