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HOW do you know you have an ab separation (diastasis recti) and WHO can have one?!

'Diastasis Recti' - a fancy name for, basically, a gap between your ab muscles (down the midline, linea alba). It is common in pregnant women and postpartum women BUT it is not just limited to us mums! WOMEN AND MEN can have an ab separation. It often presents as a bulge, coning or doming, or triangular shape along the mid line, when the muscles are pushed out (often during ab exercises such as crunches, or even during a plank hold where it is unsupported - or you may see it when you cough). There is often a sense of core WEAKNESS, and often lower back pain. It may come with PELVIC FLOOR DYSFUNCTION. There is no firm research to say they are related, and in fact my training course (GGS) woul

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