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High Intensity Interval Training - the GREAT, the NOT GREAT and WHY!

I LOVE High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). It has transformed how I workout.. it shortened the length of my workouts and seriously increased my results.. not just physically getting me into the best SHAPE of my life, (good-bye body fat, hello muscle definition), but also my cardiovascular fitness and strength has never been better. HIIT alternates between intense bursts of activity and peroiods of recovery.. It could be just what you need to boost your metabolism and shift unwanted body fat! Before I go on I want to stress that High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is NOT for everyone! 1. HIIT MUST be worked up to, it is NEVER a good idea to start here. Your base fitness has to be est

"What can I do about my stomach?!" "How do I get rid of my belly?!"

...These have to be some of my most frequently asked questions. Often the arms and legs adapt with training quickly, changing shape and showing muscle. The stomach however can sometimes be a bit more challenging. If you have been training for a while, you have worked up to high intensity interval training, you've seen a drop in body fat on your arms and legs, but you are still not seeing the results you want in your stomach... - How do you breath? Sounds simple, but actually breathing correctly can take some work. When we push the stomach out it is not supporting a FUNCTIONING core. Re-training the breath is one of the most important things you can do to get a flat stomach! - Where do you fe

All you need to know about Foam Rolling!

Its no secret I am a big fan of foam rolling. I only really discovered the magic of foam rolling mid last year... but it hasn't taken me long to feel the benefits and I can certainly feel a difference when I don't do it! Foam rolling improves circulation, range of motion and flexibility which gets the body ready for a workout. It can also be used for recovery, helping to reduce stiffness and pain. 'Myofascial release' is the process of relieving tension, a form of self massage that you can do at home. The idea is to relax as much as possible, focusing on your breath. You can pick up pretty reasonably priced foam rollers these days from places like Kmart and The Warehouse. As with any exercis

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