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As a fitness coach, often working with clients who have common physical limitations (like back/hip pain), GOOD FORM is incredibly important and a huge part of our success. Good form doesn't look the same for everyone and that is what makes it so interesting to me!! I LOVE being able to tweak movements for individuals so that they get the BEST out of the exercise. Usually though, there will be simple tips that will help most people and this is what our 'technique check' videos are all about! Technique check - Walking lunges Walking lunges are a bodyweight workout favourite - but they often cause a jarring of the back. In this video, learn simple tips to protect your core and make this movemen

5 minute WORKOUT - suitable for PREGNANCY and POSTPARTUM!!

5min workout - this is also suitable for Pregnancy and Postpartum (using low options, go at your own pace). 1min - 3 Phase squat (low option - feet narrow and don't go so deep) 1min - High knees (low option - march on spot) 1min - Tricep dips (low option, keep but to floor, feet wide) 30 seconds each side - Side leg lifts in squat (low options, soft standing leg rather than a squat). 1min - Squat with alternating knee lifts (low option, kppe knee low so you don't crunch in to tummy). ANY symptoms during these movements (for example pelvic floor dysfunction like leaking or pressure, back/hip pain, or coning/doming of the tummy) please stop and reach out for advice. Our ONLINE training courses

5 AB exercises to AVOID postpartum!

Hi team, in this quick video I share the ab exercises to avoid postpartum (but this is also very relevant to PREGNANCY). These common ab exercises can often be much more damaging than helpful by CAUSING or exacerbating ab separation, so it is really important to be aware of the core movements you are doing and why! As always, HOW you perform an exercise is more important than the actual exercise, but there are many much more effective ab exercises we can do that are less risk than these ones. Find our affordable and easy to follow 6 week CORE RECOVERY online program here: https://www.hardcorefitnesschch.com/online-core-recovery-mums *Lisa is a CERTIFIED Pre and Postnatal Coach (GGS) with ov

Why I DON'T RECOMMEND wearing a waist trainer, especially postpartum.

We've all seen these advertised - a 'quick fix' to shrink your waist... I am often asked what I think of these, whether there is any truth to these claims and if they work for postpartum healing. Short term, these are just super uncomfortable, and long term if over used or cinched too tightly - they can potentially damage your vital organs, impede your breath connection and increase pressure in to your pelvic floor. Your body relies on deep breathing to FUNCTION effectively (including your lymphatic system which removes toxins from your body). I can't stress enough how damaging these could be postpartum - along with the increased pressure in to your pelvic floor, it can also interfere with y

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