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My not-so-secret training methods that have me looking and feeling my absolute best!

I have now spent 15 years as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor!! Thats means LOADS of clients - loads of individual stories and obstacles, loads of physical limitations, loads of habits and addictions, loads of body shapes, ages and abilities... basically just a lot of experience with so many DIFFERENT PEOPLE!! My career has been based on problem solving, finding ways to help the individual.. and in doing this I have actually seen a lot of commonalities. I have learnt principles that work on almost every one of my clients - including MYSELF. I am a mummy to a two year, I'm self employed and often work long hours.... I am also a cleaner, a chef, a driver, a laundry service, a fi

I'm a new mum - is ONLINE TRAINING right for me?!

I love our mums classes (qualified Pre and Postnatal fitness) and believe they are the most ideal way to ease back in to exercise safely as I can talk to you and ask you questions as you go, and also watch your technique - so I would definitely recommend doing at least a few of these first to make sure you are understanding muscle recruitment and starting to get the breath connection. ...However, not everyone can make our classes - I absolutely understand it can be really hard just getting out of the house with little ones, you may have work at our class times, you may be lacking sleep and not be able to make morning classes easily, maybe you don't live in Christchurch so can't attend our cl

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